This Is Us Season 4: Justin Hartley warns of looming drama for Kevin

Justin Hartley warns of looming drama for Kevin during his trip to New York City with Rebecca on next week’s episode of This Is Us.

At the end of the This Is Us Season 4, Episode 15, after Justin Hartley’s Kevin accompanied Rebecca to her doctor’s appointment where they were told she likely has Alzheimer’s, Rebecca asked to join Kevin at his movie premiere in The Big Apple. Kevin, still reeling from learning about Rebecca’s failing health, agrees, happy to spend more time with her.

However, Hartley revealed this about the trip to TVLine:

“[…] They have a good weekend. There’s this pressing event that’s happening that’s sort of time-sensitive, kind of casts a shadow or a dark cloud over the weekend. So that’s where the drama happens.”

Of course, he could be referring to the uneasiness prompted by the time-sensitive nature of Rebecca’s diagnosis. Although show creator Dan Fogelman told The Hollywood Reporter in November of last year that Rebecca’s condition hits its peak within 12 or 13 years, the Pearson clan doesn’t know that. So they’re left to wonder how much time they have left with Rebecca in good health. On the other hand, Hartley could also be referring to the looming fall-out between Kevin and Randall, which was teased in the promo for this week’s episode as Randall insinuates that Kevin’s unfit to care for Rebecca.

However, Hartley was tight-lipped when it came to discussing the specifics of the brothers’ clash; nevertheless, it’s clear that Randall’s inability to relinquish control of Rebecca’s situation plays a part. Combined with Randall’s perception of Kevin as undependable while Kevin’s finally starting to see himself differently, this is shaping up to be a doozy of a blow-out.

It’s unsurprising that we got here, yet, disheartening. Since their tussle on the streets of New York City back in Season 1, the brothers’ relationship has come a long way. They’re no longer cold toward one another and exist as brothers and friends. Kevin’s continued to be there for Randall during some of his toughest times, so if there’s anyone that Randall should know that he can count on, it’s Kevin.

It might be a side-effect of his anxiety that Randall reacts poorly to Kevin’s help, but either way, it’s something that Randall needs to gain control of fast or risk losing a great safety-net.

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This Is Us returns for Episode 16 on Tuesday, March 10 at 9pm ET on NBC.