This Is Us Season 4: Is [Spoiler] Kevin’s fiancée?

With This Is Us Season 4 winding down, a huge clue might have been revealed in regards to Kevin’s love life. Is this character Kevin’s fiancée and mother of his child?

This Is Us Season 4 is coming to a close as the final three episodes are set to air in the coming weeks. Thanks to flash-forwards, there are two impending storylines involving the Pearsons that should be answered by the end of the season. The first storyline revolves around the eventual schism between Randall and Kevin. From there, the second narrative deals with Kevin’s love life and the identity of his fiancée and mother to his child. With the latter plot point, a future episode’s title may have just revealed Kevin’s future wife.

Caution: This article contains spoilers for This Is Us Season 4. Read at your own risk

The official title of This Is Us Season 4 finale is “Strangers: Part Two.” The season finale is a reference to the first episode of Season 4 titled, “Strangers.” The episode’s premise involved the importance of strangers and how they can change lives. In the premiere, three new characters were introduced: Malik, Jack, and Cassidy. Fans are expecting all three characters to return in the finale in order to further or close their storylines.

In particular, Cassidy’s potential return is eye-raising because of her previous relationship with Kevin. In the sixth episode of Season 4 titled, “The Club,” Kevin consoled Cassidy after she fought with her husband. Although hesitant at first, Kevin and Cassidy eventually spent the night together. Since she may be returning for the season finale, there’s speculation that Cassidy will reveal that she’s pregnant with Kevin’s child.

In Season 4, Episode 9, which takes place on Aug. 31, 2020, the flash-forward revealed Kevin has a pregnant fiancée even though the woman in question is not revealed. If the unseen woman is Cassidy, her timeline with Kevin would match up. They hooked up in the late fall so it’s plausible that Cassidy could be pregnant with Kevin’s child in August.

Although the clues point to Cassidy, there is another woman who could be Kevin’s fiancée and that’s Madison, Kate’s best friend. In Season 4, Episode 12, Kevin and Madison bond over their failing relationships and eventually sleep together. Because of this, it’s possible that Madison could be the mother of Kevin’s child.

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Will Cassidy be the mother of Kevin’s child? Will Madison end up with Kevin? Is it someone else? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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