Watch A Million little Things Season 2, Episode 17 live

A Million Little Things says another goodbye to Jon, this time marking the year anniversary of his suicide. Here’s how to watch Season 2, Episode 17 live.

While the show has been going on longer, the characters are making it to the one-year anniversary since Jon’s suicide in A Million Little Things Season 2, Episode 17. Here’s how to watch the episode live.

Ron Livingston guest stars in the episode, which takes us back in time through memories of Jon. Expect memories of Gary going through his chemo treatments and Eddie dealing with his addiction. We’ll also likely see some of the tensions, as it’s clear that Jon knew something was going on between Eddie and Delilah.

Meanwhile, Gary is dealing with the fact that nothing has changed for him since Jon’s death. We know that’s not the case. Out of all the characters, we seen Gary go through the most development. He’s gone from a guy scared of commitment to one who encouraged a woman he fell in love with to fight against her own cancer that came back. While he and Maggie aren’t together right now, Maggie has made him a better person. And that was all because of Jon.

Eddie makes a note that he could never expect Jon to forgive him for having an affair. The group doesn’t realize that Jon likely knew everything that was going on. Something just strikes me that Jon knew everything. It has done for a long time.

However, Eddie is still trying to deal with the fact that Sophie won’t talk to him. She’s slowly forgiven her mom thanks to that conversation with her grandfather. Eddie is another kettle of fish.

Grab your tissues, because this is going to be a tear-jerker of an episode of A Million Little Things. Here are the promo and synopsis to give you a sense of what to expect.

It’s the one-year anniversary of Jon’s death and everyone reflects on how much their lives have changed over the last year. But for Eddie, his dream opens up a new mystery.

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Don’t miss out on the all-new episode of A Million Little Things. You can watch the following day on Hulu, but you can also check out live with the following details:

Date: Mar. 12
Start Time: 10/9c
Episode: Season 2, Episode 17, “one year later”
TV Channel: ABC
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2