Justin Chambers, America Ferrera, and the 30 most shocking TV exits of all time

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Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC – shocking TV exits

Over the many years of television, we’ve seen a lot of great characters come and go. Who are the top 30 most shocking TV exits of all time?

Imagine getting attached to a television show, and more specifically, to a character. You love them dearly, and then suddenly, the actor announces they’re leaving the series, and you’re heartbroken. We’ve all been there, and the following list will attempt to rank the 30 most shocking TV exits of all time.

From Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, NCIS and everything in between, those of us who consider ourselves passionate TV fans have seen our fair share of actors and actresses come and go. Sometimes, at least, even if the initial shock was painful, the writers managed to give fans a satisfying ending for the character. Other times, not so much.

Even worse than an actor leaving a show half-way through its run is when it came with tons of backstage drama. Sometimes actors have to depart from a bad working environment, and we can’t fault them for that even if it’s unfortunate for their fictional counterpart.

We racked our brains for the many exits that left us shattered or made our jaw drops, find out if the shocking TV exits that rattled you most made our top 30!

Please note: The following list of shocking TV exits not in any particular order.

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