Elite Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix

Are you ready for a binge-watch this weekend? Elite Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix. Here’s all you need to know about the season.

Stuck in the house ill? Having to avoid public places right now? Netflix has you covered with the timely release of Elite Season 3. You can binge-watch all episode right now.

Okay, so it was already planned to be released on Mar. 13. It’s not really a response to the coronavirus, but it’s good to feel like Netflix has us covered if you don’t want to head outside. You want great drama, and there’s nothing better than Spain’s Elite.

The season follows on after the events in the second season finale. Everyone found out that Polo was the murderer, but it was impossible to hold him. There wasn’t enough evidence and now he gets to walk free, back in the school where he killed someone. Does anyone really want to be around him?

Of course not! Nobody trusts him. It shouldn’t be all that surprising that it looks like some sort of vigilante justice is about to happen.

Meanwhile, the end of the school year is coming up. For some, that means the end of school completely. They’re ready to move into the big wide world and figure out what they’re doing with their futures.

Elite Season 3 will see friendships tested. People are sure to go their own way, and there may be a new murderer in the school.

Just like previous seasons, there are eight episodes to binge-watch. You can start right now.

Check out the trailer for Elite Season 3 in case you missed it:

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Elite Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.