Ancient Aliens Season 15, Episode 4: The real Men in Black exist

Ancient Aliens is killing it for season 15! In this episode, there is a reach into science fiction cinema to uncover a potential connection to the real Men in Black.

At this point in the Ancient Aliens history, one wonders if the theories have run dry. Exactly how much else in the alien theory world hasn’t been explored? Fear not Giorgio Tsoukalos fans, there are never-ending theories on the horizon. And maybe even some return trips to familiar places.

Let’s get to it.

The first Men in Black incident

In 1947, a UFO incident in Maury Island, Washington may have been the first Men in Black (MIB) incident. A man named Harold Dahl was off the coast in a boat, along with his son and dog, collecting logs that floated away from a nearby lumber mill. Suddenly, they saw six discs descending from the sky, and one of them had mechanical problems. A subsequent fiery explosion occurred, raining down metal and ash just before everyone escaped.

Dahl reported the crashes on the beach, and a visit he received the next day from one of the MIB figures. In a later discussion he was warned about what could happen to him and his family if information were to leak. Nonetheless, Dahl revealed some of his story, and it led to a follow-on investigation by some military pilots in August 1947. The pilots on the mission were mysteriously killed in a crash along with the UFO metal.

There was considerable FBI interest; even J. Edgar Hoover was involved in some documents recovered via the FOIA. One of Hoover’s agents, Jack Wilcox, said any talk of it being a hoax was incorrect because Dahl simply conjured the hoax due to fear.

A second incident

Albert Bender formed the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB) in 1952. In Bridgeport, Connecticut he reported on UFO sightings and related info. One year later the MIB visited and threatened him to cease publication. He shared the info, however, with friend Gray Barker, who later penned a book entitled “They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers.” Reward was an intimidating MIB visit.

What’s compelling is that Hoover had personal interested in the book, wanted to know about the MIB, indicating no connection to the FBI or 4602nd. Emboldened by Barker, the book “Flying Saucers and the Three Men” was written by Bender. He, too, received a MIB visit, where he described them as possessing shiny eyes, materializing through walls, and communicating telepathically. After the threat, Bender never conducted UFO-related business again.

A Mothman connection?

Throughout the ’50s and ’60s there were a lot of MIB visits. Several occurred in 1966, in the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. An initial sighting by two young couples suggested the presence of a 6-7ft tall, winged creature with red, glowing eyes. Over 100 sightings followed, and many people received MIB visits soon thereafter.

A local journalist, Mary Hyre, teamed with a man named John Keel to gather all the information, included reports of the MIB looking like pale-faced cadavers. Their collective efforts later became “The Mothman Prophecies” book, and inspired The Mothman Prophecies film.

Unsurprisingly, Hyre was later visited by intimidating MIB figures. she was visited by MIB and told to stop writing about it, as well as the local WWII installation dubbed the “TNT Area,” which supposedly served as a home to the Mothman and was later blockaded by military.

Cash-Landrum Incident

Texas, 1980, Colby Landrum was with his grandma and her friend when they saw a water tower sized diamond with fire coming from it, and escorted by 23 Chinooks. All three tested positive for radiation at NASA lab, with some radiation blisters, and his grandmother even reported it to police. The connection here is MIB+Black Helicopters=MIBH.

Sunspot, NM

Blackhawk helicopters descended upon a solar observatory in Sunspot, NM in September 2018. The personnel within report the facility was shut down for a day, and computers/documents were taken. The shadowy visitors are reported as giving no reason, but saying “it is in your best interests to stay silent.”

Who are the MIB?

In 1952, the Air Force formed the 4602 Air Intelligence Service Squadron. A document called the Betz Memo encapsulated their responsibility to locate and recover UFO debris. Ultimately they are linked with Project Blue Book, who reported UFO sightings and have been covered extensively. Despite Air Force official denial and cover ups, many believe unit to be the original MIB.

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Despite the fact this episode never expands upon a second piece of metal from the Maury Island incident, and there isn’t great detail about the Air Force continuation of Project Blue Book charter, it’s difficult to discount the hundreds of sightings and numerous MIB visits that followed.

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