Are we really saying goodbye to Richard Webber on Grey’s Anatomy Season 16?

Just after learning Alex Karev was leaving, it now looks like Richard Webber is leaving Grey Sloan Memorial. Is that really the case on Grey’s Anatomy?

Learning Justin Chambers was leaving Grey’s Anatomy was difficult, especially under the circumstances. And it made for a messy exit. It doesn’t look like we’re done with saying goodbye to our original characters.

Richard Webber’s fate on the series is now in question. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve wondered if James Pickens Jr. was leaving. Remember back around Season 10 when he was electrocuted and we lost Mousey? However, this time it feels different.

Over the last few episodes, we’ve seen Webber struggle with hand shakes. He suspects that it’s Parkinson’s but he can’t be certain just yet. And it doesn’t look like he’s interested in getting himself checked just now. He’s not ready to admit his health problem to anyone else, but he is taking some action; some responsibility.

When Bailey got his office back the way it once was, he kicked off. He just wants an empty room to start afresh because he’s stepping down from surgery permanently. As much as he would love to remain in the OR for the rest of his years, he can’t possibly operate with the hand shakes. It’s a smart move, but does this mean we’ll be saying goodbye to Richard Webber?

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He can still be a doctor

While not a surgeon, it doesn’t mean that we can’t keep Richard Webber in the hospital. This isn’t necessarily Pickens Jr. walking away from the series but him stepping back a little. It’s a chance for Webber to step back from a role.

When telling Bailey he was stepping down from surgery, he made it clear that he still wanted to be there for research. He’s still a doctor and curing patients is important to him. This isn’t something he’s just going to give up.

There’s no need for him to walk away just yet. However, he will need to be honest to someone about his shakes. While he doesn’t have to have an explanation, he’s going to need support from someone as this gets worse. Whether that’s Bailey, Meredith, or even Maggie, it doesn’t really matter. Just please give him someone.

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What do you think about Webber’s storyline on Grey’s Anatomy? Would you be ready to say goodbye to another character? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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