Is The Bachelor on tonight, March 16?

The Bachelor with Peter Weber has taken over our Monday nights since the start of 2020. Will we get a new episode on ABC tonight, March 16?

Since the start of 2020, we’ve tuned in religiously to find out who Peter Weber would pick on The Bachelor Season 24. We had no idea based on spoilers this year, and the season took over our lives. It’s normal to wonder if there’s a new episode tonight, Mar. 16.

Sadly (or maybe not, because Peter Weber has to have delivered the worst season of all), the show isn’t on tonight. There’s no episode of The Bachelor on Mar. 16. Nor is there an episode of any Bachelor Nation series. Instead, American Idol airs one of the Hollywood episodes.

Weber ended up proposing to Hannah Ann during the first episode of the two-part, two-night finale. However, that didn’t last. During the second half of the finale, we found out the two broke up shortly after getting engaged because Peter couldn’t stop thinking about Madison. The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, headed to Madison to get her to come back.

It seemed like a somewhat happy ending for Peter. He and Madison decided to give their relationship a chance, even though his parents weren’t happy. Well, his parents will be happy now (and it’s sad that they’ll be happy about their son being upset). Madison and Peter have split up. Both shared on their respective Instagram profiles with similar updates. The breakup was mutual.

For those hoping to see a new season of The Bachelorette soon, there is some bad news. Due to coronavirus, The Bachelorette is one of the shows that has halted production. It’s not clear when the series will start production again, but it will mean the show won’t likely premiere in May 2020, when it was slated to air.

We’ll bring you the latest information when we have it. We’ll also bring updates on whether The Bachelor Season 25 will happen as soon as we know.

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The Bachelor Season 24 is available to watch on Hulu right now.