Could bubble TV shows all be safe this season?

With pilots unable to film, there could be some good news for the bubble TV shows. It’s possible that they’re all safe this season.

There are a few things that I want to say before getting into this post about the bubble TV shows. Firstly, I’m sorry for those affected by the novel coronavirus. Secondly, I fully support the TV production shutdowns to flatten the curve. Thirdly, I’m the sort of person that tries to look at situations with a glass-half-full approach.

It’s the third part of that statement that plays a part in this post. I’m trying to find some positivity in the world of negativity right now. The positivity is in the form of the future of the bubble TV shows.

The TV pilots aren’t able to film right now. That causes a situation for the networks. Usually, the pilot episodes are held up against each other and up against the bubble shows. These are the likes of SWATThe Resident, and Single Parents. They’re the shows that aren’t performing all that well in the live TV ratings, that could go either way when it comes to renewals and cancellations.

Networks have a difficult decision. While new shows can be a risky and costly venture, people want to see new TV shows. Actors, writers, showrunners, and crew members all need new shows to keep the cycle of jobs and new content. However, things are changing considerably with more streaming services available. Linear TV is moving away from scripted shows with the success of unscripted while streaming services are having better success with scripted programming.

That isn’t putting all scripted programming on hold at network TV, though. There is still a focus on bringing some new TV shows.

Yet, there’s a current issue with the programming for the 2020-2021 season. With the novel coronavirus shutting down productions, there won’t be many shows available to hold up against the current bubble TV shows. With the risk of not having new shows for the 2020-2021 season, we’re in an unprecedented situation. It could mean the bubble shows get another season each.

This is great for TV shows that are clearly struggling because of the timeslot. The Resident and SWAT both come to mind. Stumptown and Emergence have also struggled with the time slot. Networks have a chance to test out another timeslot to see if it’s the hour or its the show. It’s a great way to build the audience.

This is also a chance for some networks to test out the streaming services for another season. Namely the upcoming Peacock service.

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