Is there a new episode of Catfish tonight, March 18?

Catfish fans look forward to Wednesday nights for new drama-packed episodes, but with the coronavirus outbreak taking over, will there be a new episode tonight, March 18?

*UPDATE: We’ve been informed that last week’s episode, Episode 10 “Gemini & Myranda,” was the Season 8 finale! Stay tuned for when Catfish returns for Season 9!*

Sad news, Catfish fans! According to the Catfish schedule on MTV, no new episode will air tonight. I’m not sure the reason for it is COVID-19, though. As far as we know, MTV has not released a statement about episodes being on hold because of the outbreak. We know that episodes are filmed ahead of time and take place about 2-3 months before they premiere to the world. At least, that’s what we gather from what we have seen.

Therefore, It’s possible that the outbreak has caught up to Nev and Kamie and they are unable to go out to film more episodes, practicing social distancing as we all should be doing.

On Twitter, Nev’s co-host Kamie Crawford does comment about being in isolation, so the coronavirus could be to blame, after all. However, it wouldn’t be unusual for the MTV series to simply be taking a break that was already planned. Our best guess, though? It’s definitely because of the current outbreak.

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When will new episodes of Catfish return? That’s a tough call! At this moment in time, no one can give us a date even if they wanted to. We are not sure when things will return to normal. So, unfortunately, I wouldn’t count on a new episode of this show (or any other series) anytime soon.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on the return of your favorite shows (and movies) as soon as we learn more!

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What can you do while you wait? Rewatch episodes of Catfish on MTV or Hulu, with eight seasons available, there are plenty of episodes to keep you busy.