This Is Us Season 4 finale: Four bold predictions

Can Kevin and Randall forgive each other? What happens to Jack? Here are four bold predictions for tonight’s This Is Us Season 4 finale.

There is a storm on the horizon and it will take place during the Season 4 finale of This Is Us, which airs tonight. The aforementioned storm is the fight between Kevin and Randall. Thanks to a flash-forward earlier this season, by the Big Three’s 40th birthdays, Kevin and Randall will no longer be speaking to each other. The Season 4 finale should answer what specifically happened between Kevin and Randall.

The premise of the Season 4 finale revolves around baby Jack’s first birthday. The entire family is in Los Angeles for the celebration, but problems are bound to occur. In the last episode, Randall begged Rebecca to start a clinical trial in St. Louis to deal with her early symptoms of dementia. Although she initially turned down the offer, Rebecca changes her decision and tearfully agrees, which will be one of the factors in the eventual fight between Kevin and Randall. Also, the identity of Kevin’s fiancée and mother of his child should be revealed.

With so many questions involving the Pearson family, here are four bold predictions for the Season 4 finale.

Kevin will wish Randall was never adopted

Kevin and Randall are going to argue and it’s going to lead to a schism in the family. This is going to happen, but why will it take place? What will be the tip of the iceberg?

The show has hinted that Rebecca’s upcoming trial in St. Louis will force the brothers to take sides, with Randall for the treatment and Kevin against it. However, in typical This Is Us fashion, there will probably be another factor that causes their split. Since the argument revolves around Rebecca, Kevin will tell Randall that he wishes Rebecca never adopted him to become part of the Pearson family. It’s a harsh thing to say, but in the heat of battle, frustration will get the best of Kevin.

Rebecca knew that she would have Alzheimer’s disease after the Big Three were born

The Season 4 finale promo video includes the return of a fan favorite, Nathan Katowsky aka Dr. K. Rebecca and Jack grew fond of Dr. K after he helped Rebecca deliver the triplets. In the clip, Jack consoles Rebecca and then cuts to a clip of Dr. K reading a report while singing.

When Dr. K returns to the show, he usually helps Rebecca through tough times. This could be another difficult event for Rebecca. So far, Rebecca has handled her early-onset dementia with grace.

What if this wasn’t a true surprise? In the finale, I predict that Dr. K will reveal to Rebecca that she could have memory issues that lead to Alzheimer’s when she gets older.

Jack will name have a daughter and name her Rebecca

Jack Damon aka Baby Jack will be featured in the Season 4 finale. In the clip, Jack is in the hospital next to his wife, Lucy, who is presumably in labor with their child. Lucy seems to be struggling mightily as a distressed Jack stands beside her. This is very similar to when Kate struggled to deliver Jack, who was born prematurely.

For those who don’t know, Jack is named after Jack Pearson, the patriarch and beloved father of the Big Three. In a similar manner, Jack will name his newborn daughter Rebecca, to honor his grandmother and Kate’s mother.

Kevin’s fiancée and mother of his child will be a complete stranger that will be introduced in the Season 4 finale

One of the biggest questions yet to be answered in This Is Us involves the identity of Kevin’s fiancée. Who will be the mother of his child? Many fans predict that it will be either Madison, Kate’s best friend, or Cassidy, a war veteran who slept with Kevin.

The title of the finale is “Strangers: Part Two.” Because of this, Cassidy is presumably the leading candidate to be Kevin’s wife because she was first introduced in the episode, “Strangers: Part One,” and her appearance in the finale is expected. That being said, the moral of both episodes imply that random strangers can impact your life when you least expect it.

That is what I believe will happen to Kevin. After the fight with Randall, Kevin will storm off and leave the party. Before Kevin can do something stupid, a stranger will calm him down, and that stranger will eventually be his wife.

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What are your predictions for the This Is Us Season 4 finale? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

This Is Us airs at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.