10 things we need from a Teen Wolf reboot


More and more popular titles are getting reboots these days. With some of the cast of MTV’s Teen Wolf recently bringing up the idea of the iconic series coming back, here are 10 things we’d need from a Teen Wolf reboot.

Some people hate reboots, some love them. But if a series or movie is popular enough, chances are there will at least be some talk about bringing it back one way or another. Recently, the cast of MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf brought up the idea of returning to Beacon Hills.

It has been over 2 years now since we said our goodbye to Scott McCall and his pack. If the show was to get some sort of reboot, what would we want to see? Let’s break down 10 things we’d need from a potential reboot.

1. Scott and Stiles

Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien made the series what it is with their portrayals of Scott and Stiles. If they aren’t returning, then I’m honestly not sure if I want a reboot at all. The friendship between Scott and Stiles was at the heart of the show and provided a huge amount of the comedy as well.

For any sort of reboot to work, they would need these two to return and to make sure the friendship gets the focus it deserves. The world needs Scott’s unwavering morality and the sarcastic wit of Stiles.

2. Stydia

Fans waited six seasons to finally see Stiles and Lydia get together. Unfortunately, once the two got together, his presence on the show was reduced, due to Dylan O’Brien sadly being injured as well as the fact that he had commitments to other projects. So it would be a nice payoff for fans if they finally got to see Stiles and Lydia being a couple and getting some sweet moments between the two. We deserve to see some cute Stydia if there is a reboot!

3. Remembering Allison

Allison Argent was a complex character and an integral part of Teen Wolf from its first episode. She was a hunter but she was also Scott’s true love and Lydia’s best friend. The show did a pretty good job of keeping her memory alive after her tragic death, any reboot should make sure to do the same. Allison’s character deserves to be remembered, or better yet find a way to bring her back! It’s a supernatural show, don’t tell me it can’t be done.

4. McCall Pack

Throughout the series we watched as Scott learned to control his powers and became a true alpha, creating his own pack with his friends. Scott’s friends are hugely important to him and the moments where the pack works together have always been fantastic. We’d need to see lots of moments of the pack not only working together to defeat an enemy, but also just being together as friends. After all, what’s a reboot without characters like Stiles, Lydia, Derek, Malia, and Liam.

5. Weddings

The smartest thing for any reboot to do would be to age the original characters up to being closer to the ages of their actors, most of whom are in their late 20’s or early 30’s now. With the characters now well into adulthood it would be nice for them to give some of the romances a happy ending with at least one wedding (if not more).

Yes, it’s sappy, but after watching a romance on screen for years who doesn’t want to see them get a happily ever after? Many teen dramas have done weddings and to have Teen Wolf give their characters a moment of happiness with a great big wedding would be so sweet.

Photo Credit: Teen Wolf/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press
Photo Credit: Teen Wolf/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press /

6. Fan Favorite Villains

A hero is only as good as their villain so it would be great to bring back one of the myriad of villains the show introduced. There’s Kate Argent, Gerard Argent, Deucalion, even Peter Hale, just to name a few. Some we love to hate, and some we just hate, but there’s no story without a villain. A reboot introducing a new villain would be intriguing as well, as long as they can match the iconicness of the show’s previous villains.

7. New Generation

A story ending can be a depressing feeling, so a reboot shouldn’t completely close the book. Give our main characters the happy ending they deserve, but bring in a new generation to keep the story going and give people hope for the future. The show already began doing this not only by bringing in Liam to be Scott’s protege but the finale left us with the McCall pack on a mission to find other supernaturals. The reboot should take a similar method and leave us with a new generation of supernaturals that could take up the torch and protect Beacon Hills.

8. Cameos By Fan Favorite Characters

There were many characters who came and went throughout the years so there is no end to the list of fan favorite characters. Some of them were temporarily part of the pack, some of them were temporary allies of the pack, and though their time may have been brief we’d love to see them back in any way. Characters like Theo, Cora, Boyd, Erica, Ethan, Jackson and many more all have a place in the hearts of the fans so even a cameo would be great (yes, some of them are dead but again, it’s a supernatural show). The entire Hale family needs to make an appearance, no question about it, and a flashback to Laura Hale would be really cool.

9. The Parents

Teen Wolf is one of those shows where they really made you care about the relationships of the kids with their parents. They were honest and heartfelt relationships and even though they’re older now having the parents back is a must. It would not be the same without them. Melissa McCall, Sheriff Stilinski, Mrs. Martin, and Chris Argent are all as lovable as their children and who else could try to talk sense into our brave but sometimes foolhardy heroes?

10. Happy Endings

Listen, we made it through six seasons of the show and we had enough loss and heartbreak (I will never get over Allison’s death). There’s no need for a reboot if it’s just going to end in more pain. Of course, our heroes will struggle because otherwise there wouldn’t be a story, but the ending should leave them happy and content.

What shape that happy ending takes is up for debate, but our heroes deserve a happy and hopeful ending, and maybe a bit of rest. Personally, I’d love to see Stiles and Lydia and Scott and Malia (Or Allison if they decide to miraculously bring her back) happily married as they mentor a new generation to protect Beacon Hills. Maybe then they can all finally take a vacation.

And we’re not the only ones excited about the idea of a Teen Wolf reboot. Take a look at some recent tweets from cast members expressing their interest in the idea:

The fans are excited, the cast is excited, let’s make this thing happen MTV! Because we could all use a bit of Scott McCall in our lives right now.

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Would you watch a Teen Wolf reboot? Would would you like to see if it happens? Let us know!