Is The Resident on tonight, March 31?

We’re getting close to The Resident Season 3 finale. Is that episode going to air tonight, Mar. 31? What’s going on with the FOX schedule?

We know there are very episodes of The Resident Season 3 left. In fact, there’s just one episode left due to production shutting down with the spread of the coronavirus. Will that episode air tonight, Mar. 31?

There isn’t a new episode of the series tonight. The Resident Season 3 finale will air next Tuesday, Apr. 7. Instead, we’re getting a rerun of Season 3, Episode 3, titled “Saints & Sinners.” This episode was when an injured criminal came into the hospital. In order to save an innocent life, the staff at Chastain had to save the criminal’s life. However, it made Conrad make a decision that went a step too far for Devon.

Meanwhile, Nic worked with Cain for the first time. This was her first chance to see the way he operated, and it was an immediate turnoff.

The show will return with the unexpected Season 3 finale on Apr. 7. This certainly wasn’t expected to be the final when writing or filming, so it won’t feel like a real end to the season. However, there will certainly be plenty of storyline linked to the previous episode.

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Remember that Kit’s son-in-law was put on a vent, but that vent was the one with the unicorn; the one that Dawn Long had been on. The superbug is in the vent and now it’s going to be passed onto Kit’s son-in-law. This is not going to be an easy fight against cancer.

Meanwhile, Cain’s ex-girlfriend is admitted for surgery. It’s going to be an insight into Cain’s personal life in a way that nobody has ever seen. However, it’s too little too late for us to like the guy, right?

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The Resident Season 3 finale will air on Apr. 7 at 8/7c on FOX.