5 laugh-out-loud moments from One Day At A Time Season 4, Episode 2

Photo Credit: One Day At A Time/Netflix Image Acquired from Netflix Media Center
Photo Credit: One Day At A Time/Netflix Image Acquired from Netflix Media Center /

What happens you put Elena, Alex, Lydia, Berkowitz, and a box of crabs together in one car? Comedy gold. Here are five laugh-out-loud moments from One Day at a Time Season 4, Episode 2.

One Day at a Time loaded the Season 4 premiere with memorable one-liners to kick off their new era on Pop TV. The second episode did not disappoint as the Alvarez family struggled with life throwing them new obstacles while Penelope was adamant about saving money.

Here are the top five laugh-out-loud moments from “Penny Pincher.”

Nora meets the family

Episode 2 kicked off with a fun dinner scene where Alex’s new girlfriend, Nora, had the pleasure of meeting Penelope, Elena, and Lydia. It didn’t take long for Penelope to get annoyed with her family as they all wanted to show off for their guest. As a result, she announced, “Okay, Elena is gay, Alex is a catch, and you [Lydia] are making everyone uncomfortable!”

Lydia continued to keep the dinner light by reminding everyone why she’s the best character on the show. “I’ll have the pot stickers, unless they have actual pot in them. The chronic does not agree with me.”

Nora didn’t exactly run away when Penelope lashed out at the server over paying full price during happy hour, but I think it’s safe to say that everyone approves of Alex’s new relationship.

Lydia is unforgiving

Once the family returned home, Alex expressed his embarrassment over his mother’s behavior. Lydia once again used her majestic curtain for dramatic effect when proclaiming, “If Nora breaks up with us over this, I will never forgive you!”

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Alex continued complaining and revealed just how threatening Pen was at the end of their meal. “I know it’s good to save money, but maybe the first time meeting my girlfriend isn’t the right to time to threaten to ‘burn this mother down.'”

Schneider’s grand entrance

Without missing a beat, Schneider emerged out from underneath the couch. Penelope, who’s used to Schneider walking in unannounced, was certainly not pleased with him coming out of their furniture. Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

While pressuring her to buy a new couch, Schneider helped make light of why Pen is still pinching every penny despite making “that nurse practitioner money” now. As we learned, Penelope still remembers what it was like having to live with her mom when she couldn’t afford to put a roof over her own children’s heads.

Penelope’s butt has good taste?

Schneider delivered one of his best One Day at a Time lines when asking what the mysterious wet spot was on the worn-out couch. Pen claimed it was just a leak before Schneider reminder her, “Couches are not hooked up to plumbing. Pen, your sofa is crying.”

Of course, this conversation preceded Penelope relaxing on her couch, only for it to break right down the middle. Thus began Pen and Schneider’s mission of buying a new one. After testing out a few sofas, Penelope landed on a larger, blue couch that would ultimately be the winner.

After the salesman noted that her “butt had good taste,” Penelope truly realized that was her couch when Schneider plopped down next to her and asked for the remote. “No, Schneider! Get the hell out of my apartment!” She then immediately stood up and gasped because it was meant to be.

A crabby car ride

Elsewhere, Elena was tasked with chauffeuring Alex and Lydia on her way to watch an e-sports match. She had many obstacles in her way, which included figuring out when and where to drop them off, plus the unexpected inclusion of Berkowitz.

We couldn’t help but laugh when Berkowitz embraced Lydia’s new nickname for him – “flesh bag.” Speaking of Lydia, she found her way back to the car sooner than expected, this time toting a box of crabs.

What could possibly go wrong with Elena driving a car full of people and a box full of crabs? When making a quick turn to take the last parking spot available, Lydia’s box fell over on to Berkowitz, setting him up to say, “If these crabs are emotional support crabs, they’re not working.”

Everything went downhill from there. When the group returned home, Elena informed her mother that someone broke into the car and stole her laptop. Pen was mad for a hot minute before the two discussed her poor relationship with money. In the end, Elena revealed she had been saving her own money unbeknownst to everyone else.

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Which moments from “Penny Pincher” made you laugh-out-loud? Sound off below!

One Day at a Time airs every Tuesday at 9:30/8:30pm C on Pop TV and TV Land.