6 TV shows to watch if you’re missing your friends while isolating

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Having to isolate and social distance from friends is never easy. If you’re missing your friends, then these 6 TV shows should help you cope until then.

With everything feeling so uncertain right now, there are a few constants. For most of us, it’s work as most of us are going into work or working from home. Another constant is not being able to see our friends. It’s a sad reality but something we must commit to if we want to be able to see our friends. Until then, there is one constant which never goes away and that’s streaming services. If anything, streaming services have been the most constant thing we all look forward to at the end of the day.

That’s why it would only be right to combine the two. Rather than watching a show focused on work, you should be watching shows about friends. No doubt you’ll be able to see yourself and your friends reflected in some of these shows. In particular, these shows are focused on female friendships so sorry boys. Yours is a list for another day but these TV shows all feature incredible female friendships.

There is no denying how many TV shows have great female friendships. That’s why this list is going to be a mix of different types of friendships. It could be childhood friends, friends who met under unique circumstances or friends who met during college. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see your friendship represented on this list. If not, I’d love to know some suggestions for other shows to check out.

Before getting started, most of these shows are already completely wrapped up so you can binge the entire series. Out of the six shows, only two are still in progress. Either way, these shows are pretty unique so deciding on one will be the hard part so let’s get into the six shows to watch if you’re missing your friends.

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