Hawaii Five-0: The series finale brought tears and a surprise twist


Hawaii Five-0 wrapped up its ten season run on April 3, leaving fans in tears and a little shocked at the ending scene.

This post contains spoilers for the series finale of Hawaii Five-0.

Fans knew the series finale of Hawaii Five-0 wouldn’t be without a few tears. The show had set up the departure of Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) the previous episode, and the goodbyes were brutal with tears shed by the characters as well as viewers.

The first goodbye with Danny Williams (Scott Caan), Steve’s longtime partner and friend came only a week after Danny was almost killed, having been shot in the chest. Steve managed to save him, but the scene in the chapel where he asks God to take him not Danny was enough to get the waterworks flowing.

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The crime portion of the episode wrapped up earlier than normal, allowing for many more minutes of goodbyes from the Hawaii Five-0 task force. And everyone had something to say to Steve, most thanking him for believing in them. Captain Lou Grover’s emotional “I love you,” was accompanied by tears streaming down his face and a feeling the sentiment was real. The only character missing from the finale was Kamekona Tupola (Taylor Willy), the lovable entrepreneur who became a brother to Steve as well.

Thankfully, the series didn’t end on a completely sad note. As Steve is aboard the flight headed to parts unknown, he’s approached by Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth), the woman with whom he’d had an on-again/off-again romance over the course of the series. Fans had longed for this couple to make it and while some might feel the relationship didn’t get what it deserved in the end, most were happy that Steve wasn’t leaving Hawaii alone.

The series finale didn’t feel completely like a finale as it implied that the Hawaii Five-0 task force would continuing policing the island, and the door was left open for Steve to return. There is always the possibility of a movie in the future or a spin-off series which would bring the characters back into our living rooms. For that, most fans would be grateful.

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What did you think of the series finale? Do you think there might be a movie in the future?