Save My Skin Season 1, Episode 7 A Wrinkle in Palm: Burst to worst

Photo: Dr. Emma Craythorne star of the newest TLC series, Save My Skin.. Image Courtesy TLC
Photo: Dr. Emma Craythorne star of the newest TLC series, Save My Skin.. Image Courtesy TLC /

Save My Skin takes a step away from the garden variety cases and gets back to the Alien chest-burster cases we all love.

The last episode of Save My Skin was a bit on the boring side. We had sweaty palms, acne, and lipomas. We need random cases that make people look like X-Men characters and multi-colored, volcanic skin eruptions. There is one such case on this episode.

Let’s get to the cases, from burst to worst.

Katerina’s zits

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This must be the episode of people who are noticed by something first, and their dermatological issue second. Katerina is tall, slender, walks with a run-way strut, and has her jeans spray-painted on. She was a model. Her facial acne, however, is a huge knock on her confidence/career. Honestly, she looks like a discount Kardashian, which is a compliment.

She started taking the birth control pill and had a flare-up almost immediately thereafter. Dr. Emma recommends a pill that dries out everything (e.g. nose, eyes, lips, skin, etc.) to treat acne.

Sofie’s grandma hands

Who knew there was such a thing as aquagenic water wrinkling of the palms? Essentially, the treatment is to put a cream on it so the salt imbalance in the skin cells isn’t exacerbated. Most. Boring. Case. Ever.

Jordan’s head marbles

This guy, Jordan, has nearly unnoticeable skin issues and other traits that are definitely more distracting. Hidden pilar cysts on his head are obscured by his hair. You would, however, notice his massive, red scarf that makes him look like the hipster barista meme.

The procedure is fairly simple. A little anesthetic, a slice, and some time to push. The first one looks like a clam with a tongue sticking out, and the second one is a ladle. Both with some thick mashed potato fillings.

Callum’s multiple lumps

His arms are covered by multiple bumps. They’re obviously lipomas. He’d rather have scars than lipomas; so, Dr. Emma is about to Freddy Krueger this guy. Several slices incoming.

One cool thing about this procedure is the usage of a punch extrusion. Essentially it’s a hole punch for the skin, and then a hard squeeze to yank out little brains larger than the hole. One is even shaped like a shamrock.

David’s hunchback

He calls himself a freak because of his back lump, but I’d stare at David because he looks like Uncle Fester from The Addams Family. The bump (obviously a lipoma) is dead center between his shoulder blades.

I wish this were a live stream with live comments on Twitter, because I said “lipoma” in 10 seconds, and Dr. Emma diagnosed the same after a few minutes. A three-week wait to ensure his lipoma isn’t malignant precedes the procedure, and it’s atrocious.

Dr. Emma cuts open David’s back with an incision big enough to remove a lung. If not for the spindle cell lipoma, which is rare, I’m certain we would have been able to see David’s spine. When Dr. Emma is about halfway through the pulling it’s clearly a throwback to Alien.

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