Trolls World Tour movie review: Sequel proves that Trolls just wanna have fun

Trolls World Tour, photo courtesy Universal Pictures
Trolls World Tour, photo courtesy Universal Pictures /

Poppy and Branch are back! This time, the trolls we know and love are going on a supersized journey to save the world of music. Does Trolls World Tour live up to the hype?

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake return in the charming Trolls sequel, Trolls World Tour! The movie is easy to love, and even easier to sing and dance along to, but does it live up to the hype? Is it as full of glitter and happiness as the first? Yes, it does all of this and more!

While I don’t believe the magic of Trolls World Tour beats out the first one, this sequel is still worth every penny and is highly entertaining, which brings us to our next point. Trolls 2 arrived to audiences via VOD. Due to the current situation of the world, the highly anticipated sequel was unable to premiere in theaters. But, in an interesting move, production decided to release the movie directly to VOD instead of pushing the premiere date back.

A risky move, indeed, especially for such a big movie. So did it work? Numbers so far point to yes, but there is still a lot of data to take into account. We’ll keep you posted on the final numbers as soon as we see them.

Trolls World Tour, photo courtesy Universal Pictures
Trolls World Tour, photo courtesy Universal Pictures /

Whether you have watched the movie already or not, please note there are no spoilers ahead!

In Trolls World Tour, Queen Poppy (Kendrick), Branch (Timberlake) and the others discover that the world of the Trolls is far larger than they believed. They learn they are Pop Trolls, but there’s more music to be heard than their catchy tunes.

Poppy’s father explains to them that, long ago, there were six musical strings: Funk, Country, Techno, Classical, Pop, and Rock. Each tribe took their string and went their separate ways after fighting too much over music. But now, Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom) of the Rock Trolls wants to reunite everyone…by forcing them all into becoming Rock Troll Zombies.

Poppy is determined to restore the harmony between all of the Trolls, but she’s going to need all the help she can get. Not to mention, she needs to be willing to listen to others, as well. Poppy is as stubborn as ever and Branch doesn’t know how to get her to listen.

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Going in, I was afraid that Trolls World Tour would be a carbon copy of the first. And while some of the same elements and ingredients that made Trolls a hit are present in World Tour, it still bounces off like a fresh beat. World Tour continues to give us what made the first one so magical, but with new characters and music added to the colorful mix.

It helps that World Tour comes during a time when we all need a pick-me-up, particularly families with young children. This movie is going to get your kids dancing and laughing along. Get ready to play the soundtrack all weekend long.

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Tiny Diamond and the other tribes of Trolls are going to become new character favorites. My kids can’t get enough of Kenan Thompson’s Tiny Diamond. If they could watch the glittery “baby” Troll rap all day long, they would!

There’s plenty for parents to love, too, as each of the musical numbers takes us back! Featured song covers include “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” “Good Vibrations,” “One More Time,” and many, many others! When I said you’ll be playing the soundtrack all weekend and beyond, I didn’t only mean for your kid’s pleasure, but yours as well.

Even though I stated that I still love Trolls 2016 more, one thing Trolls World Tour does come in winning with is the message! The original movie preaches happiness. Poppy taught all the Bergens that we all have happiness inside us, we just have to find it. Trolls World Tour teaches children about acceptance. It’s okay to be yourself and have different tastes than your peers. Just be you and accept differences.

I find this message more important and impactful. And hey, your kid learning about different genres of music is also appreciated!

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Watch Trolls World Tour today, now available on VOD.