Tiger King: Top 5 parody songs

Tiger King - Credit: Netflix
Tiger King - Credit: Netflix /
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That B**ch Carole Baskins by Austin Forman

This is absolutely amazing. I want to buy this single and play it on repeat during a 3-hour drive. The number of creative genius moments in “That B**ch Carole Baskins” is enough that it deserves a legit line by line breakdown.

First, however, the folksy nature of the song must be discussed. The talking intro followed by singing evokes a story-time feel to the tale, as if some 17th century bard were skipping along beside his King and attempting to relay the Tiger King tale.

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The first line of this song does what none of the others do: ties it to the Corona virus quarantine, where everything was shut down, which will allow us to instinctively remember when Tiger King aired. Genius move, and also puts the blame on China where it belongs: “A Chinese man was making a meal out of a bat.”

The follow-up is solid gold, and encapsulates what everyone is thinking, “Now everybody hates that b**ch Carole Baskins.” Look, I don’t even care if he misspelled her last name. We do hate her!  And the reason why is clear in the next line, because only Don knows the truth, but he’s dead because he was digested by Carole Baskin’s tigers. Bonus points to this song for being  the only one to call out “Doc” Antle for having a cult of teenage wives.

This video’s best line

"A little bit of meth and tigers makes a straight dude gay."

Maybe enough meth actually does convince some straight dudes to turn gay? Last but not least, who doesn’t want to hold a baby tiger?!

This video’s grade

A+. This is the winner of them all, and should be on the soundtrack of the second Tiger King season.

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Tiger King continues to dominate Netflix like nearly no other show ever. It’s time to Free Joe Exotic and hear more of his amazing story. Tiger King is currently streaming on Netflix.