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Photo Credit: One Day At A Time/Netflix Image Acquired from Netflix Media Center
Photo Credit: One Day At A Time/Netflix Image Acquired from Netflix Media Center /

Is Max back for good? What is Schneider wearing for Halloween? Here’s what to we know and what to expect from One Day at a Time Season 4, Episode 4.

It’s Halloween time for the Alvarez family! And we’re dying to know, was Max trick or treating Penelope with his reappearance in Episode 3? Hopefully Penelope is taking it one day at a time. We don’t want to see her get hurt again.

We don’t have confirmation that Max will appear in “One Halloween at a Time,” but it would be a safe assumption considering Episode 3’s cliffhanger. As for what else we can expect in Episode 4, the official synopsis states that Lydia finds “something” in the trash. There’s no telling what it is, but I’m sure she will give us a reason to laugh over it.

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We also know that Lydia will have to put up with Elena and Syd’s excitement over Halloween. A preview from Pop’s YouTube channel below shows the couple getting ready for their own idea Halloween fun, which involves collecting signatures for climate change purposes.

As if Lydia won’t already be annoyed with that, we know that Schneider and his new girlfriend Avery will make their grand appearance at the Alvarez apartment by also showing up in their costumes.

The synopsis for Episode 4 states that they are set on winning a costume contest. If Lydia’s reaction is any indication, Schneider and Avery may have trouble winning this one with their “goat yoga” costumes. Yes, it’s as goofy as it sounds. Schneider is dressed as a goat, while Avery is dressed as a person doing yoga.

And where will Penelope and Alex be in all of this? We have it on good authority that Alex will be sporting a new (silver) look. Everyone is sure to give him grief over it, especially Lydia.

Check out the clip of Elena and Syd chatting up Lydia right here:

"Lydia discovers something in the kitchen trash. Avery and Schneider are determined to win a costume contest."

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You won’t want to miss One Day at a Time tonight, so be sure to check out the live streaming details below. And if you can’t watch it live, be sure to catch up the next day on Pop’s website.

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