Watch The Innocence Files: Now streaming on Netflix

The Innocence Files on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix
The Innocence Files on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix /

A new documentary is here for your viewing pleasure! Watch The Innocence Files, now streaming on Netflix.

The streaming titan became a game-changer for many genres, one of the best being documentaries, particularly crime documentaries! Few networks and streaming services come close to dishing these out the way Netflix does, and there’s truly something available for everyone. You may want to reorder your favorite, because The Innocence Files is one emotional and impactful ride!

Whether you enjoyed Tiger King for the parodies and insane story, or prefer more serious documentaries that seek justice (and not the way Joe Exoctic does), you’ll love and devour all episodes of The Innocence Files. 

The new documentary focuses on sharing eight untold, personal stories of wrongful convictions. All of these were handled by the nonprofit organization the Innocence Project and “other organizations within the Innocence Network,” Netflix’s synopsis shares.

The people involved have worked tirelessly to overturn each of these cases and free the men who were wrongfully convicted due to lack of evidence or simply for the sake of closing a case.

The Innocence Files consists of nine episodes that are broken up into three parts: The Evidence, The Witness, and The Prosecution. Each episode has a goal in mind, exposing the truth about the state of America’s flawed criminal justice system.

Watch the trailer for The Innocence Files, below: 

The documentary is sure to make you angry as we watch the lives of innocent men destroyed. Their long and tiring journey to be free and return home to their loved ones is very emotional, but necessary for all of us to watch, hoping that the justice system is soon fixed.

Visit the Innocence Project online to learn more about the organization and how you can help.

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The Innocence Files is now streaming on Netflix.