Top 5 greatest and non-heroic moments of Strike Back

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Strike Back
From left: Warren Brown, Daniel MacPherson and Alin Sumarwata star in Strike Back. Photo Credit: Sophie Mutevelian/Courtesy of Cinemax. /

After eight seasons, Strike Back is coming to an end (again). What were some of the most thrilling moments in this high-octane action show?

If you’ve ever wanted a no-holds-barred extravaganza of escapist action, look no further than Strike Back. This ultraviolent series follows the exploits of an elite British Intelligence group known as Section 20. The team runs spec ops missions across the globe, taking down terrorists, warlords, assassins, and even petty thieves in their quest to make the world a better place.

Not limited by the budget or censors of mainstream networks, this show is allowed to go all the way with its content, and the creators take full advantage of that to deliver some of the best modern warfare on TV. The shootouts are exhilarating; the fistfights are brutal; the scale is vast; and the language is unapologetically vulgar. As a result, audiences have embraced the series as an infectiously fun adventure that harkens back to the hardboiled action flicks of old without losing any of the intensity or charm. At the heart of it all lies a charismatic cast of characters, equally comfortable snapping necks as they are with snappy comebacks.

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Although the cast has changed and the tone has evolved from heavy drama to cheeky shoot-em-up, Strike Back has consistently delivered its share of standout moments through the rawness of its battle scenes and the strength of its agents. Audiences have fond memories of each phase of the show’s lifespan. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the loner pathos of John Porter, the brotherly rapport of Scott and Stonebridge, or the friendly rivalry of Mac, Novin, and Wyatt. All three eras have had plenty to offer, whether it be due to a well-directed fight, compelling character drama, a narrative payoff, or even a funny one-liner.

To celebrate the enduring legacy of this storied show, let’s look back at some of those moments that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

5. Village shootout

The ninth episode of Season 7 sees Thomas “Mac” McAllister, Gracie Novin, and Samuel Wyatt search a rundown village for an exfil. Although that sounds fairly standard, what helps it stand out is how intimate it feels. The camera stays right with the characters as they make their way through the streets, alleys, and buildings of this war-torn town.

They split up to look for an escape, get discovered, and get into a guerilla-style firefight with an army of goons. It’s all captured beautifully in one continuous shot.

Not only is this plain fun to watch, but it also demonstrates the immense talent of the cast and crew. The fact that they’re able to craft a sequence this cinematic and polished shows why Strike Back is a cut above most other action on TV.