Carol Rosher’s Best Moves of Big Brother Canada 8

With Big Brother Canada 8 now over, we decided to look back at the season. We will be going down the list of every Big Brother Canada 8 and detailing their best moves. Here are Carol Rosher’s best moves.

With Big Brother Canada 8 now over, we decided to look back at the season. We will be going down the list of every Big Brother Canada 8 and detailing their best moves. Here are Carol Rosher’s best moves.

Carol got off to a solid start to the season. A twist saw Canada vote to keep their favorites safe from eviction in week 1. There would be no Head of Household. Instead, the four people with the fewest votes were in jeopardy of leaving and would have three chances to save themselves: a physical competition, a mental competition, and through their social game. Carol was one of the people who Canada voted for to remain safe.

In week 2, Carol was able to remain safe from eviction. She was selected to play in the POV competition but did not win. After the POV competition, Carol considered quitting for the first time after she injured her tooth during the competition. However, she elected to remain in the game and helped the house evict Micheal Stubley in a 9-3 vote.

In week 3, Sheldon Jean won HOH and wanted to target either Rianne Swanson Minh-Ly Ngueyn Cao. He nominated Rianne alongside Madeline Di Nunzio as part of his plan. A twist in the Power of Veto competition saw the two nominees and three players selected by random draw participate as usual. The twist was that the 5 players would each have a partner for the competition. The player selected by random draw would win the POV and the player selected by their teammate would be immune should they win the competition. Carol was not selected to compete in this POV competition. However, she was selected to host it.

Madeline ended up winning the POV with her teammate John Luke Kieper earning immunity. Sheldon named Minh-Ly the replacement nominee and wanted her evicted.

Later in the week, Carol became the center of controversy. It started when Jamar Lee was having a conversation with Vanessa Clements and Carol. Vanessa made a comment that Jamar would be the talk of the town if he ever came to Prince Edward Island (where Vanessa is from). This was followed by a joke from Carol about how the police would come after Jamar in Price Edward Island (likely on account of race). Jamar was unhappy about the incident and later confronted Carol about it, resulting in an apology from Carol.

Wanting to get to the bottom of who was spreading lies about her, Minh-Ly confronted Vanessa but got nowhere. Since that didn’t work, she called a house meeting. Jamar was expelled from the Big Brother Canada house for his actions during the house meeting which made Vanessa and Kyle feel uncomfortable. Two days later, Kyle was expelled for what production deemed “a pattern of problematic behavior.”

In week 4, Sheldon won his second consecutive HOH. However, Carol had enough of the game. She asked Sheldon to nominate her so that she could be evicted on Thursday, instead of self-evicting. Some were upset with Carol for holding the house hostage by asking them to evict her on Thursday. Instead, they considered evicting Minh-Ly and forcing Carol into self-evicting.

Hira won the POV that week and chose not to use it. Then came the devastating news from executive producer/showrunner Erin Brock that production on Big Brother Canada 8 was shutting down due to measures taken to combat the COVID-19 (coronavirus) Pandemic. Production arranged for the houseguests’ travel to return home. Carol was the first to leave for home, departing at 1:36 pm eastern on March 24.

Carol Rosher’s best moves of Big Brother Canada 8

Carol’s best move was not winning the POV in week 4. If you want to go home, simply don’t win the POV and let the players play. By winning the POV when you want to go home, all you do is impede other players from building their resumes.

What do you think Carol’s best move of Big Brother Canada 8 was if she had any good moves? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!