It’s all about the Baes on Insecure Season 4, Episode 2

Insecure on HBO, photo courtesy HBO
Insecure on HBO, photo courtesy HBO /

Molly and Issa still have some things to work out in “Lowkey Distant,” the second entry of Insecure Season 4! Molly attempts to work out a few issues with Andrew while Issa gets caught up in an awkward situation between Condola and Lawrence.

For a moment toward the end of “Lowkey Distant,” I thought Molly and Issa’s relationship could be tested even more over the course of this season. Once again, Molly seemed initially resistant to listen to some truth Issa drops, but Issa isn’t exactly living her best life either. Here are some takeaways from this week’s Insecure.

Lawrence’s friend Chad always brings some laughs

Last week, I questioned how much longer Lawrence will continue being on the show. Fortunately, Lawrence’s mainstay presence has kept Chad (Neil Brown Jr.) around for infrequent guest appearances. The episode where him and Lawrence attend church last season was one of the funniest moments of the series, in my opinion.

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Andrew seems here to stay

After a brief falling out, Molly and Andrew (or “Asian bae”) are cozy again and having hot passionate sex. Molly still desires a more intimate relationship, but her attempts backfire after she seems to press Andrew too hard about his missing sister.

Andrew leaves Molly suddenly, but calls her some time later apologizing for not opening up. He tells her he wants to be more open, but it will take some time. I’m personally rooting for Molly and Andrew to have a successful relationship, so I’m glad the episode didn’t end with things too distant between them.

Can Issa catch a break?

I kind of called this one after the last episode of Insecure, and my suspicions were right as Issa and “TSA bae” (Calvin) are no more. The circumstances of the break-up were wild though as Issa reveals that he has two kids with a third one on the way!

Keep in my mind, we’re not that far past Nathan ghosting Issa so this one stings. It stings especially since we had a lengthy sex scene between Issa and Calvin that ended with Issa pressing down on one of his butt checks (for real y’all).

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the worst situation Issa had to deal with this week.

‘Keep my name out your mouth’

More drama ensued from the Issa-Condola-Lawrence situation. I seriously think Issa may want to reconsider her friendship with Condola. I don’t think Lawrence telling Issa in person to keep his name out of the conversation was the best move (his buddies even told him no!), but I also don’t think this is the end of the messiness we’ll see.

Issa seems to be fine continuing to be close with Condola, but there were moments in “Lowkey Distant” where she seemed to be forcing things. Lawrence basically told Issa “keep my name out your mouth” though and I’m not sure how Condola will react when she learns about this interaction. Hopefully, we’ll see next week.

Issa books Schoolboy Q!

This is probably the most positive thing that happened in the episode. It looks like Issa’s block party is shaping up to be a great achievement for her!

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Molly and Issa’s relationship is almost on life support 

We’ve already seen a flash-forward to Issa saying she didn’t mess with Molly anymore. How much longer does this relationship have? Issa telling Molly that she always seems to find a problem must have rubbed Molly the wrong way.

After she gets off the phone with Andrew and Issa asks her who she was talking to, she simply says “work s**t.” This is pretty significant considering Andrew had made up to Molly and she didn’t want to share the news with Issa.

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What did everyone think of “Lowkey Distant?” Do you think Molly and Andrew’s relationship will get better? Will Issa start looking for a new bae? Will we have to wait the whole season to see the block party? Will Issa and Condola’s relationship last?

Feel free to comment and let’s hope Insecure delivers with another solid episode next week!

Insecure airs Sundays at 10/9c on HBO