This Is Us star Hannah Zeile releases single Ode To My Anxiety


This Is Us star Hannah Zeile is following in the footsteps of her This Is Us co-star Chrissy Metz. The 22-year-old actress recently released her first single “Ode to My Anxiety.”

Just two weeks ago, Hannah Zeile’s This Is Us counterpart, Chrissy Metz, released her own single “Talking To God.” Now, Zeile’s following her lead by releasing her first single “Ode to My Anxiety.”

Last Thursday, the actress posted the song to Twitter and encouraged fans to give it a listen. Although this is Zeile’s first official single, in 2018, she sang “Where I Belong” for the This Is Us Season 2 soundtrack.

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Zeile is no stranger to tackling tough subject matters in her work. Throughout This Is Us, Zeile has portrayed teen Kate’s weight struggles, and last season, she found herself portraying a victim of emotional and verbal abuse when an eighteen-year-old Kate began dating bad boy Marc (Austin Abrams).

After discovering the abusive nature of their relationship, Rebecca forbade the couple from seeing each other; however, it’s unclear if their story is over. Nevertheless, Zeile’s sharing her own story through “Ode To My Anxiety.”

In an interview with TVInsider, Zeile opened up about her struggle with anxiety, her inspiration for writing the song, and why now was the perfect time to release the single:

"“I have already struggled with anxiety, but I know that right now people that never have really experienced that feeling are feeling anxious as well.”"

As a result, Hannah Zeile said right now was the perfect time to “send a powerful message” and “connect with people.” On what the song means to her, she told TVInsider:

"“The lyrics are personal. It just kind of touches into that feeling of when you feel trapped and anxious and repeating a mantra to yourself just as simple as, ‘I’ll be okay.'”"

This isn’t the first time that Zeile has been open about personal struggles. In 2018, she got candid with STYLECASTER, an online magazine, about her struggles with her weight and the positive impact the show had on her self-perception:

"“I’ve definitely gained a lot more confidence through this show. Playing a role that does deal with body insecurities and seeing there are so many other people who relate to it, it makes everything feel so much more powerful.”"

Since Season 1, her performance has indeed been powerful. Just through her facial expressions, Zeile’s Kate Pearson exhibits a vulnerability that allows us to better understand present-day Kate. With “Ode to My Anxiety,” Zeile remains vulnerable. During a time when tensions are high, Zeile’s song tells us that it’s okay to be anxious but reminds us that we’ll be okay.

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This Is Us is tentatively set to return for Season 5 this fall on NBC. If you haven’t already, be sure to catch up on Season 4 via Hulu or the NBC app.