This Is Us star Niles Fitch to make history in new Disney Plus movie

This Is Us star Niles Fitch will make history as a new prince in a Disney Plus live action film. Here’s what we know so far.

This Is Us stars often fill their free time with outside endeavors such as movie roles or releasing new music. Niles Fitch, who portrays Randall in his high school and college years, has been in the headlines recently due to his exciting new project with Disney.

Fitch has been cast to play Disney’s first black, live action prince. According to EW, he will assume the role of “self-centered Prince Tuma” in the sci-fi fantasy film, Secret Society of Second-Born Royals, which is set to hit Disney Plus later this summer.

The film will follow Sam (portrayed by Andi Mack‘s Peyton Elizabeth Lee), a rebellious teen living in the kingdom of Illyria, who lives in the shadow of her older sister. Sam’s sister is next in line for the throne, but it turns out that Sam doesn’t want to be royalty.

“Sam has always felt like not only is she second born, but she is also second best. She is struggling to find where she can shine and where she belongs.”

In addition to Fitch and Lee, the cast is comprised of Ashley Liao, Skylar Astin, Isabella Blake-Thomas, Faly Rakotohavana, Olivia Deeble, Noah Lomax, and  Greg Bryk as the movie’s villain.

Witnessing Niles Fitch playing a self-centered character in a Disney movie will be quite the change of pace from his time as Young Randall on This Is Us. This role could also further launch his career considering he is only 18 years old as of this writing. According to IMDB, this will be his fifth film, and his first to stream on Disney Plus.

Catch Niles Fitch in Secret Society of Second-Born Royals this summer on Disney Plus before This Is Us returns to NBC later this year.