The best family friendly movies and TV shows to stream

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The best family friendly movies

The Willoughbys – Credit: Netflix, family friendly movies

Searching for family friendly movies and TV shows to watch? We’ve listed the best of the best from each streaming service!

These days, everyone is turning to the world of streaming to keep entertained. Families, in particular are on the hunt for fun and family friendly movies and TV shows they can safely watch with everyone in the house around. However, with so many streaming services, it’s not easy finding the perfect film or TV series. We’re here to help!

From Netflix to Hulu, there’s plenty of content for us to scroll through. But just because we are finding ourselves with more time on our hands these days, doesn’t mean we want to spend hours endlessly scrolling for the perfect binge.

There’s also the fact that not everything available to watch is rated G. You may accidentally scroll and bump into a series you would not like your 5-year-old kid to see. Let’s just say, we doubt they’ll be entertained by Tiger King or Too Hot to Handle

At the same time, I’m sure you have no desire in pushing through a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathon on Disney Plus. Trust me, we’ve all been there, especially in recent weeks. And don’t get me started on Caillou, I’m just glad no streaming services are offering that animated series on loop.

The same can be said for movies, Disney’s Pixar and Dreamworks get it right most of the time, but some movies fall through the cracks and bore parents half to death (I’m looking at you, Turbo).

Instead, let’s look to the streaming services for entertainment, and leave all of the searching and digging to us! All you have to do is find the streaming services you have and check out the options.

Here are the best family friendly movies and TV shows to stream:

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