Need a quick quarantine watch? Watch Quibi’s Cup of Joe

Cup of Joe season 1. Image Courtesy Quibi
Cup of Joe season 1. Image Courtesy Quibi /

If quarantine’s getting you down, then it’s no better time to try out Quibi. With the first three episodes of Cup of Joe now available, it’s a must-watch.

The quarantine blues are real even for essential workers. Since we’re all basically chained to our houses, it leaves a lot of free time. No doubt streaming services are seeing huge numbers. While some may head to platforms such as Netflix or Hulu, a new streaming service joined the ranks. Quibi officially launched on April 6, 2020, and since then, they’ve been rolling out a handful of new shows featuring some of our favorite stars. In particular, there is a recent show Quibi has released entitled Cup of Joe.

For Jonas Brothers fans, this has been a long-awaited project. For others, they’re just learning of its existence. Either way, it keeps with Quibi’s motto to feature a lot of content in a small package. If you’ve never heard of Cup of Joe, no worries as we’ll be getting into it next.

Simply put, Cup of Joe is a travel show hosted by Joe Jonas amidst performing shows with his brothers during the Happiness Begins tour. Basically, it was filmed during the summer, fall and winter of 2019. Deadline provided a more in-depth description, “Before he hits the stage on his sold-out Happiness Begins tour, Joe will experience each city like a true native – as a local guides him through each destination.” As for the “local,” it’s usually a celebrity Joe knows or a celebrity who has lived/lives wherever Joe is traveling to next.

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Thus far, Quibi has only released three episodes. The first is set in Amsterdam where Joe is joined by his wife, Sophie Turner. The two have an incredibly fun day as it’s Sophie’s birthday and she even gets a small birthday treat from Joe at the end. The second episode is set in Berlin where Joe is joined by David Hasselhoff and Lewis Capaldi. Hasselhoff talks about how he’s an icon in Berlin and gives Joe an info-filled tour. As for Lewis, he and Joe act as waiters in a bar and end up dancing together.

The third and final episode currently released is set in Barcelona. This time, Joe is spending the day with his brothers, Nick and Kevin. The brothers sight-see via bicycles, have a cooking competition and become part of the human tower. The episode has a special ending as Nick and Kevin get a little payback on Joe. While the episodes are in different places, Joe starts each episode by getting a coffee. No doubt that’s why the show is called Cup of Joe.

Cup of Joe might be Quibi’s newest addition, but it’s a lot of fun. Considering each episode is less than 10 minutes, a lot of things are crammed into the episode. We get to see more of the city Joe is playing in and what he likes to do for fun. Of the three episodes, it’s hard to pick a favorite as they all have their merits. With five more episodes on the way, there is still a lot more to see as Quibi rolls out more.

Even if you’re not a fan of the Jonas Brothers or Joe Jonas, it’s worth checking out. The episodes are short, entertaining and feature some cool guests. Seeing how much he’s able to pack in a day is impressive. Overall, Cup of Joe is a good fit for Qubi, and with Quibi allowing you to watch for 90 days free, it’s worth checking out.

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Have you watched Cup of Joe? If not, do you plan on watching it? Be sure to let us know in the comments!