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Run on HBO, photo courtesy HBO
Run on HBO, photo courtesy HBO /

Ruby and Billy are not alone anymore as Fiona joins the duo on their cross-country trip. Here’s how to watch HBO’s Run Season 1, Episode 4 live online.

Fortunately for Ruby and unfortunately for Billy, the duo is about to become a trio on HBO’s Run. Ruby’s friend that she met at the department store happens to be the same person that caused Billy to run away in the first place. Her name is Fiona and by the end of last week’s episode, we learn she’s after Billy and will do anything to make him pay.

The third episode of HBO’s Run was titled, “F*ck,” which could not have been a more appropriate name. Sex is on both Billy’s and Ruby’s minds after they decide to spend the day in Chicago. Unfortunately, the hotel room they try to buy is not available until three so they have to wait another five hours before they can have the room.

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While in Chicago, both Ruby and Billy begin to slowly reveal more details about their personal lives. Ruby tells Billy that she never became an architect. She couldn’t handle the job and instead, she relies on the salary of her husband to provide for their family. Dissatisfied with her life, Ruby also reveals that her life has been one big act, even going so far to say that she tries to imagine what an exciting life she would have had with Billy.

On the flip side, Billy’s story is more complex. After Billy agrees to meet with Fiona, he panics and withdraws all of his money from the bank. Before he goes, Billy leaves Ruby with a wad of cash to buy a dress. Sometime later, Ruby meets a woman named “Alice,” and the two quickly hit it off. Alice ends up convincing Ruby to steal the dress and the two laughingly run out of the department store.

Back at the bank, Billy is able to secure all of his cash and meets Ruby back at the hotel. Before he can have sex with Ruby, Billy walks down to the lobby and meets with Fiona, who we learn was pretending to be “Alice” with Ruby. Billy angrily dismisses Fiona and tells her to leave him alone.

When Billy gets back to the room, Ruby is lying on the bed with all of Billy’s money. Forced to explain his actions, Billy reveals that he panicked within the first few minutes of a three-day self-help event after a woman blamed Billy for her husband’s suicide. This rattled Billy, causing him to leave the conference early and eventually, texting Ruby, “RUN.” The duo reconciles and finally have passionate sex, but unbeknownst to them, Fiona is recording the audio of their encounter outside the room.

In this week’s episode titled, “Chase,” Ruby and Billy decide to get back on the train. but this time, Fiona decides to follow them. It’s still not clear as to what happened between Billy and Fiona and if there’s a romantic history between them, but more details should be revealed soon enough. Plus, we will finally see Laurence as he will get a chance to speak with Ruby on the phone.

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Here’s how to live stream the fourth episode of HBO’s Run Season 1.

Date: May 3, 2020
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