Blue Bloods: Tom Selleck doesn’t see an end to the series


Blue Bloods has been going strong for ten seasons, and the series star thinks it will keep going.

This post contains spoilers from the season finale of Blue Bloods.

The long-running cop drama wrapped up its tenth season on May 1st with an emotional episode that ended with a surprise—the Reagans gained an additional family member. It’s unique turns like this that keep the show fresh, and Blue Bloods never fails to keep the audience tuned in. And series star, Tom Selleck sees that there is a lot of life left in the show. In fact, he doesn’t see an end point to the series.

The ratings for the drama remain strong, and Selleck is already negotiating with CBS about his return for an eleventh season. In fact, the star hopes the network will renew Blue Bloods for two seasons as “we can do much better shows if we know where we’re going.”

The execs at CBS aren’t ones to shy away from extending shows for more than one season as evidenced by its previous extended renewals of The Big Bang Theory and its long-term renewals of several of its reality shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race.

As far as where the show could go after ten seasons, Selleck believes the series has limitless potential as long as the characters are allowed to grow and change. The 75-year-old loves working with the cast and feels that Blue Bloods is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

There are a wealth of story lines available with a new family member, the potential for more children coming into the family because of Eddie and Jamie’s marriage, Danny’s future love life, and Erin’s career. With a strong, devoted cast and the strength of its ratings, there’s no reason why the show can’t continue. Most fans will agree that it should.

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Are you a fan of Blue Bloods? Do you think it should continue or end while it’s still on top?