6 Westworld Season 3 finale reveals that will set up Season 4

Aaron Paul, Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld season 3. Photograph by HBO
Aaron Paul, Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld season 3. Photograph by HBO /
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Evan Rachel Wood, Aaron Paul in Westworld Season 3. Photograph by John P. Johnson/HBO /

Westworld’s Season 3 finale hastily answered questions that had been bubbling all season. But more importantly, it set up the future of Season 4.

Westworld Season 3 tossed around the same old questions that have been haunting the series since it started. The meaning of free will and the mercilessness of humanity became the basis for Dolores’ plan to extinguish the real world the way she had demolished the Westworld parks. And while the Westworld creators didn’t enlighten us with any new ideas on the subject, they did work hard on surprising us with the unexpected.

Spoiler Alert! There are spoilers for the season finale of Westworld ahead proceed with caution.

The greatest surprise came with Dolores’s ultimate plan not being as bad as everyone thought. That is if you let it slip from memory that she killed many humans. Dolores wanted to free humanity from Rehoboam even if the outcome of that would be their eventual downfall. The plan, in theory, was solid enough that Maeve was convinced to assist Dolores once she realized what it was all about. Now, if only they would have talked about this sooner, but I guess if they had, there would be no point to this story.

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The prime Dolores ended up under Enguerrand Serac’s Rehoboam as it deleted her memories in search of the missing Delos data. Data that even the most wide-eyed Westworld viewer could have guessed wasn’t embedded in Dolores’ mind. Prime Dolores was also surprisingly meant to be sacrificed. She planned ahead by having Bernard walk around with an entire universe in his head. We also discover that Caleb wasn’t chosen for his destructive nature but for his power of choice, which Dolores witnessed once during a brief training in Westworld.

When you sum it all up, Westworld finished this season in a very rushed and crammed fashion. With only eight episodes to work with, we were forced to learn a new story leaving the finale to uncover all of the conclusions, and the single episode wasn’t really enough. There were some plot holes and unanswered questions. But if you put aside the myriad of things left in the air, what’s left unsaid in the backdrop says a lot about Season 4.

If you missed any of the important parts from the finale, there’s no need to worry. We’ve made a list of everything that will contribute to next season‘s Westworld.