Quibi: An episode guide to Season 1 of Cup of Joe

Cup of Joe season 1. Image Courtesy Quibi
Cup of Joe season 1. Image Courtesy Quibi /
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Quibi’s Cup of Joe: Intro & A guide to Episodes 1-4

Before getting started, let’s briefly talk about the show. It’s basically a travel show hosted by Joe Jonas when he traveled the world for the Happiness Begins tour with his brothers. During his down-time, he explores the city, talks to the locals and partakes in their “customs” to get a more “well-rounded” experience.

During every episode, Joe is joined by a celebrity guest or guests. With the premise out of the way, let’s talk about the first four episodes of Cup of Joe.

Episode 1:

Joe visits Amsterdam and is joined by his wife, Sophie Turner. The two spend the day together, having fun including painting, going to a pub, and celebrating Sophie’s birthday with a birthday surprise at the end. This was a great way to kick off the series and gives a taste of what’s to come.

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  • Episode 2: This time, Joe is in Berlin and is joined by two special guests: David Hasselhoff, who gives Joe a tour of Berlin while explaining how much Berlin means to him, and Lewis Capaldi, who works, drinks, and dances in a beer garden with Joe.
  • Episode 3: This episode is special as Joe is joined by his brothers, Kevin and Nick, in Barcelona for a multitude of activities including cooking, biking and even, a human tower. For Joe though, things get a little bit sticky as evidenced by the end of the episode.
  • Episode 4: In Episode 4, Joe has pizza with Tina Fey, partakes in some sports and even, tries his hand at stand-up comedy. This episode focuses more on Joe rather than Tina Fey so if you’re a fan of Joe, then this one is a can’t-miss.
  • These four episodes serve as the first half of the series and what a way to start. Not only does Joe have incredible guests, but he manages to fit in a lot of activities in a 10- to 12-hour period. If there is one standout episode from the bunch though, it’s the first episode in which Joe and Sophie spend her birthday together. There are a lot of adorable moments between the two and it’s a great way to start the series. All of the episodes are pretty solid, though, and crammed full of funny moments courtesy of Joe.