Quibi: An episode guide to Season 1 of Cup of Joe

Cup of Joe season 1. Image Courtesy Quibi
Cup of Joe season 1. Image Courtesy Quibi /
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Cup of Joe season 1. Image Courtesy Quibi
Cup of Joe season 1. Image Courtesy Quibi /

Quibi’s Cup of Joe: A guide to Episodes 5-8

Moving onto the second half of Season 1, Cup of Joe kicks the star power up a notch. This time, we’re joined by the likes of some of Hollywood’s elite including Matthew McConaughey and Jack Black.

Unlike the first half of the season though, these episodes don’t focus as much on international travel. Rather, they focus on the U.S. leg of the Happiness Begins tour but there are still a few international spots, too. Let’s get into the final four episodes of Season 1 of Cup of Joe.

  • Episode 5: Kicking off the second half of the season in London, Joe has a jam-packed day. He’s joined first by Nicole Scherzinger as they eat their way through a market before Joe has a day filled with quizzes, kicks, and sight-seeing. This is another episode in which it’s less about the guest and more about Joe, similar to the episode with Tina Fey.
  • Episode 6: Next up, Joe is in Austin where he is first joined by Matthew McConaughey, who grew up in Austin and shares how much the city means to him. Joe goes to a bar where he goes to a bar, plays Chicken S**t Bingo and dances. This is easily the shortest episode yet but gives a unique look at Austin.
  • Episode 7: Of all the episodes, Episode 7 has been the most action-packed. Joe spends the day with Lewis Hamilton, a racecar driver. They play a game with the locals, tour Paris on scooters, and Joe learning about parkour. The episode ends with Joe buggy rolling and thankfully, not crashing.
  • Episode 8: The final episode of Cup of Joe starts with Joe meeting up with Jack Black where the two show off different parts of LA and pose as themselves on Hollywood Boulevard until Jack sends Joe to meet a friend. On the way, Joe stops at the Art District, and finally, he meets up with Jack’s friend who is a Tom Cruise impersonator. It ends with Joe marrying a couple at a donut shop, a true sign of how wild LA can be.

With all of the episodes outlined, you know which episodes you have to watch and which ones aren’t your speed. As enjoyable as Cup of Joe is, it isn’t for everyone. Rather, this is a guide to show you which episodes might appeal to you or which ones are worth skipping. While they have a short run-time, some episodes are definitely a little duller than others.

If I had to recommend three though, the top three “can’t-miss” episodes are Amsterdam with Sophie Turner, Barcelona with Nick and Kevin Jonas, and Los Angeles with Jack Black. Each has a totally different vibe and will make you laugh at least once.

With such short episodes though, Cup of Joe is a quick series to blow through and move on. Hopefully, this episode guide will aid you or at least, help you decide if Cup of Joe is worth the watch.

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