Dead to Me Season 2: Is Jen’s death metal jam a real song?

Dead to Me Season 2 is full of surprises, one of which is Jen’s (Christina Applegate) taste in music! Is her death metal jam a real song?

From the revelation of what truly happened on Steve’s final night to that shocking finale, Dead to Me Season 2 has premiered on Netflix and it is packed with surprises. If you haven’t seen it, do so ASAP. The black comedy is worth a weekend watch. Not to mention, there isn’t much else to do these days.

Joking aside, Dead to Me is a brilliant and witty series and one of 2019’s biggest surprises on Netflix. Christina Applegate and co-star Linda Cardellini share great chemistry and easily became our favorite female relationship on television.

What doesn’t match that beauty, though, is Jen’s frightening, yet hilarious, choice of music! In Dead to Me Season 2, Episode 3, “You Can’t Live Like This,” Jen is struggling to focus. Can you blame her? Jen’s life is hectic! But you would think that a person in her shoes would turn to classic music or another relaxing tune.

However, Jen is not your average person! Instead, Jen grabs her phone and goes to her playlist.  We paused the screen to check out her playlist and found some very interesting death metal jams such as Five Finger Death Punch’s ”Full Circle” (don’t worry, we haven’t heard of it, either).

Jen’s choice of song is Excessum’s “”Rage Unrestrained” and man does it truly speak to how Jen is feeling right now! We may not be into death metal, personally, but we can understand why this is Jen’s to-go jam during a time of stress, to say the least.

Listen to Excessum’s “”Rage Unrestrained” HERE. Confused as to why Jen picked this song? Well, lyrics include, “I f***ing hate everyone!” and “I f***ing hate everything!” Yeah, you get the point. And, frankly, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there, am I right?

What did you think about Jen’s choice of music? It’s hilarious, yet sad. Have you binge-watched all episodes of Season 2 already or are you taking your time? No spoilers here, but let’s just   say that  “Rage Unrestrained” is the least shocking thing about the season. Keep on watching!