Watch HBO’s Run Season 1, Episode 6 live online

If Ruby and Billy thought Fiona was their biggest problem, think again. Now, they will have to face the local police. Here’s how to watch HBO’s Run Season 1, Episode 6 live online.

In the span of one episode, Ruby and Billy went from playful college sweethearts to Bonnie and Clyde. The series took a dramatically dark turn as a featured character died in the fifth episode of HBO’s Run.

Last week, after Fiona jumped off the train with the bag of money, Ruby and Billy did what any logical person would do and they reported the theft to the police. I’m kidding. Instead, Ruby and Billy impulsively jumped off the train and ran after Fiona. Eventually, the duo ends up inside a house in the middle of nowhere.

When they walk upstairs, Fiona is waiting for them with a knife in hand. Fiona threatens to reveal the audio of Ruby and Billy’s sexual encounter if they don’t leave her alone. Ruby is able to wrestle the phone out of Fiona’s hand and walks downstairs to talk with Laurence.

However, the phone call comes to an abrupt end when she hears screaming from upstairs. As a sad Billy sits below the window, Ruby looks outside to see a lifeless Fiona, whose dead body lays on hay-bales with sharp spikes running through her torso.

To make matters worse, Ruby lies to Laurence about having an affair with Billy. After hanging up, Laurence checks Ruby’s messages on his computer and notices Ruby’s texts with Billy, confirming that she’s been lying to him. As Ruby and Billy leave the scene of the crime, an unknown man who witnessed the altercation runs out of the house in the opposite direction.

With nowhere to go, Ruby and Billy walk in the woods until they run into a taxidermist named Laurel, played by the one and only Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who eventually agrees to bring Ruby and Billy to the nearest train station. In the bathroom at the train station, Ruby can’t find her phone and has a full-blown panic attack. The episode ends with the duo deciding to walk back into the town to find her phone.

The sixth episode of HBO’s Run is titled, “Tell.” The promo teases more arguments between Ruby and Billy as they plan their next move. However, what they don’t know is the local police find Fiona’s dead body and they have questions for Laurel, who might have reported the body to the police.

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Here’s how to live stream the sixth episode of HBO’s Run Season 1.

Date: May 17, 2020
Time: 10:30 PM EST
Episode: Season 1, Episode 56, “Tell”
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