Is Station 19 on tonight, Thursday, May 21?

Station 19 has been an exciting part of the TGIT lineup. What’s going on tonight? Is there a new episode of Station 19 on tonight, May 21?

TGIT is an important night of the week. It’s a fun night of the week, as we focus on Shonda Rhimes’s shows. Station 19 has become a staple, but will we get a new episode tonight, May 21?

There’s a lot of bad news right now. Station 19 Season 3’s finale aired last week. It’s why it was an intense episode that saw our firefighters put in harm’s way. The show is renewed for a fourth season, but that’s not going to start for a while.

Sometimes, networks opt for reruns. ABC isn’t doing that. Instead, after a new episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? the network will follow on with Holey Moley II: The Sequel. This is a reality show involving mini golf if you are interested in it.

What about the future of Station 19? Yes, there is a fourth season confirmed, but when will we get to watch it? At the time of writing this, ABC hasn’t set its plan for the fall, but it’s unlikely that the show would be part of it—and not just because of the coronavirus halting production.

After a successful first season, the series was moved to the fall for the second season. However, ABC opted to move the show back to the midseason when Krista Vernoff took over as showrunner since she’s also the showrunner of Grey’s Anatomy. Vernoff is remaining as showrunner for both shows, so it’s likely that the firefighter drama will remain in the midseason. It’s also likely that the constant crossovers between the shows will continue.

When the midseason will be this year is unclear. FOX and The CW are planning January 2021 to become the new fall. CBS is trying to keep its usual fall schedule. We’ll have to wait to see what ABC has planned.

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Station 19 Season 3 is available to stream on Hulu.