Grey’s Anatomy: 6 times a doctor fell in love with a patient

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Grey's Anatomy

GREY’S ANATOMY (ABC/Jessica Brooks)

How common is it for a Grey’s Anatomy doctor to fall in love with a patient? Here’s a look back at every time a doc crossed the line all in the name of love.

Grey’s Anatomy has explored all kinds of relationships in its sixteen-season run. Love triangles, student-teacher relationships, dying patients who couldn’t live without each other. And in some cases, doctors falling in love with their patients.

In fact, there have been at least six instances where a doctor has developed feelings for the person they’re supposed to be treating or saving. Some flings lasted a day, while others resulted in engagement or marriage. In all cases, those relationships ended one way or another. Here’s a look back at every time a doctor crossed the line all in the name of love.

Miranda Bailey and Marcus Kane

Season 4, Episode 8 introduced us to Marcus Kane, a man who was admitted to the E.R. thanks to a bus crash. It wasn’t long before he went from being an average patient to someone from Dr. Bailey’s past. And he wasn’t just anyone. He was Bailey’s high school crush.

At a time where we didn’t know much about Bailey’s love life outside of her troubled marriage, Marcus allowed for a new side of Bailey to shine. She was distracted, bashful, very flirtatious, and even got in trouble from Dr. Hahn.

The feelings weren’t exactly mutual here as Bailey later realized Marcus was simply using her both in high school and there in the hospital. Regardless, this one-episode fling allowed fans to learn more about who Miranda Bailey was before her surgical days.

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