Grey’s Anatomy: 6 times a doctor fell in love with a patient

GREY's ANATOMY -- Photo credit: Derek Johnson/ABC -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press
GREY's ANATOMY -- Photo credit: Derek Johnson/ABC -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press /
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Meredith Grey and Dr. Nick Marsh

Meredith fell in love with a patient? Well, sorta. We know all about her love story with her teacher-turned-Post-It note-husband, but we can’t forget about her dating phase post-McDreamy and post-Nathan Riggs.

Taking it back just a few years to Season 14, Episode 17, Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) came into the fold as a doctor visiting from Mayo, who just so happened to be recovering from a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, his recovery wasn’t going well and he collapsed while conversing with Meredith.

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As a result, Meredith spent the entire day having deep conversations with the charming doc as she worked to find a solution for his new health problems. When they weren’t discussing kidneys, they told each other their life stories with flirtation running wild.

This was seemingly the first case of Mer “getting back out there” after the whole Riggs thing, which gave fans hope that she would one day find that happily-ever-after type of love. (And we’re still waiting to this day.)

Stephanie Edwards and Kyle Diaz

Another more recent doctor-patient romance occurred in Season 12 when Stephanie Edwards became infatuated with the charming Kyle Diaz (portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama). Kyle was being treated for hand tremors, which affected his ability to play his guitar. Upon further examination, the docs found he had a brain bleed and took care of it.

Stephanie and Kyle continued talking and seeing each other outside of the hospital before his hand tremors returned. From there, he developed meningitis, which spread to his ventricles. While on the operating table, Kyle coded and died.

This arc was brief, but it changed Edwards’ life forever. She battled the grieving process and went down a spiraling path until the Season 13 finale, where she became a hero when the hospital exploded. Strangely, Steph’s short-lived romance with Kyle was the beginning of the end for her time as a surgeon.