5 Atrocities Netflix is cutting during the quarantine in June 2020

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The time has come to thank Netflix once again for violently, projectile vomiting a few rancid atrocities from their collection.

Just like previous months, are several titles leaving Netflix in June. You’d think with the captive audience there would be nothing but adding content. More shows equal more potential viewers, right? After all, even complete excrement like Freddy Got Fingered has a higher than 50% audience score on some sites.

Given the quality of reintroduced titles, however, Netflix is probably just providing a wide berth. There is no denying some heavy hitters are coming to the streaming giant in June. There is The Help, Silence of the Lambs, and V for Vendetta, just for starters. And cult favorite Starship Troopers will also be available. Would you like to know more?

Netflix is mass purging this atrocious series.

Did you know there are four sequels to the Tremors franchise? The answer is no. You didn’t. The original starred Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward. The star bailed, leaving Fred Ward to cash another paycheck alongside Michael Gross.

Even Fred Ward couldn’t stomach a third movie; so, he bailed, leaving Michael Gross for Tremors 3: Tokyo Drift. Believe it or not, there was more meat on the bone for Gross when he “starred” in a fourth film, because his calendar was completely open.

And even Gross jumped ship before the travesty of Tremors 5: Bloodline was committed upon humanity. Believe it or not, the following scene is probably the best scene in movies 2-5, unless you’re a fan of the “Ass Blasters” of Tremors III.

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