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Run on HBO, photo courtesy HBO
Run on HBO, photo courtesy HBO /

Will Billy and Ruby end up together or will their love affair come to an end? Find out on the season finale of HBO’s Run.

It all comes down to this. Billy and Ruby are headed back to the train to finish their cross-country excursion. Will they end up together or will their journey come to a crashing halt? All of our questions should be answered on the season finale of HBO’s Run.

In the previous episode, Billy and Ruby made their way back to the farmhouse to retrieve Ruby’s phone. It’s the same farmhouse where Fiona was impaled and left for dead. After the duo leaves the house, unbeknownst to them, Laurel shows up to the house and reports Fiona’s death to the police. It’s here where we meet Babe Cloud (Tamara Podemski), a police detective who set to investigate Fiona’s death.

Billy and Ruby run into the woods and begin to argue about how to handle what just happened. Billy wants to come clean and confess to the police while Ruby wants to run away in order to preserve the life she left at home. Both take turns lashing out at each other.

Billy criticizes Ruby for leaving her family and Ruby defends herself by explaining how mothers sacrifice their lives for the betterment of their families. After the dust settles, Ruby and Billy decide to tell the truth after getting a drink at the bar.

Meanwhile, Detective Cloud starts to interrogate Laurel, who mentions she ran into a blonde girl and a man with her coat earlier. However, the interview turns into a first date as the two women head into town to get a drink at the same bar where Ruby and Billy are headed.

Before they confess to the police, Ruby and Billy decide to head to the train, which is only one town over and spend some more time together before calling the police. As the duo leaves the bar, the episode ends with Laurel noticing her coat, which Billy left behind on a bar seat.

The season finale of HBO’s Run will put an end to Ruby and Billy’s journey on the train. Will they complete their trip or will it be cut short by Babe, whose journey leads her to the train. In addition to their fate with the law, Ruby will have to choose once and for all between Laurence and Billy. Will she go back to her old life or continue her expedition with Billy permanently?

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Date: May 24, 2020
Time: 10:30 PM EST
Episode: Season 1, Episode 7, “Trick”
Network: HBO
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