4 major questions for grown-ish Season 3, Part 2

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grown-ish has some major questions to answer in the rest of Season 3

The TV series grown-ish first premiered on Freeform in early 2018 and has generally received positive reviews from critics and viewers. The teen drama focuses on Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi) from the ABC series black-ish heading off into adulthood and college by herself at Cal U. The show offers a fresh perspective on college life and the decisions that many students must face during their four years in attendance.

Throughout the series, we see Johnson deal with moments of learning, as she deals with friends, romance, school, jobs, and dilemmas. The series also has a diverse cast that features fellow college students Luca Hall (Luka Sabbat), Ana Torres (Francia Raisa), Vivek Shah (Jordan Buhat), and Sky Forster (Halle Bailey) among others.

Season 3 of the show premiered on January 16, 2020, and has eight episodes so far. The first half of the season ended on March 5 with a cliffhanger due to a major decision made by Zoey. The series is confirmed to release more episodes for Season 3 and has been renewed for Season 4.

The COVID-19 induced production halts will affect when the new episodes release though, likely at some point in 2021. For fans of the show, there are certainly some questions that need to be answered in the second half of Season 3.