Control Z Season 2: Release date, trailer, synopsis, more

CONTROL Z Season 1, Episode 5 - Courtesy of Ana Cristina Blumenkron/Netflix
CONTROL Z Season 1, Episode 5 - Courtesy of Ana Cristina Blumenkron/Netflix /

Everything we know about Control Z Season 2 so far

Our eyes are currently on the future of Netflix’s Control Z. The Mexican series certainly left us with a lot of questions, and here’s what we know about Control Z Season 2 so far.

The great news is that Netflix has confirmed Control Z Season 2 is happening. You may have missed it as it was done relatively quietly on Twitter, not even making it to the U.S. Twitter feed!

Now that we know the second season is happening, it’s time to look at when that could be.

Control Z Season 2 release date

Most Netflix shows take 14 months for new seasons to be released. So, with that in mind, we’re looking at July 2021. However, we could be waiting until the end of 2021 due to filming lockdowns around the world.

Control Z Season 2 cast

There’s a high chance that the majority of the main cast from Season 1 will return. The only two actors who may not return are Michael Ronda and Luis Curiel. Curiel’s Luis died at the end of the first season, never waking up from his coma. Ronda’s Javier was shot at the very end and he may have died.

Of course, Javi may have survived the gunshot wound. We may see him in hospital in the first season. Something to point out is that Ronda was in the video that announced the second season renewal. Is this a hint of his return?

All others should return. We need to see the aftermath of the secrets being revealed and the shooting.

Trailer and synopsis for Control Z Season 2

We don’t have a trailer or synopsis to share. We’ll update this as soon as both are revealed.

The rough storyline would likely be linked to the secrets being unveiled at the end of Season 1. The students will need to decide if their friendships are more important than the secrets Raul released. Some secrets have future consequences. Sofi and her father face jail for her father’s actions in faking his death and Sofi hiding that truth, for example.

We will also need to look at what will happen to Raul and Gerry after the shooting. Gerry would likely be arrested for his actions since he is the one who shot and presumably killed Javier. Raul would face charges for hacking at the very least.

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Control Z is available to stream on Netflix.