Now streaming: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 is on Netflix

You can now stream DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 on Netflix

After an eventful fifth season, another show from CW’s Arrowverse is headed to streaming. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 is now available to stream on Netflix.

The fifth season marked the first time Legends of Tomorrow did not premiere in the fall. Instead, the show premiered in January with “Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 5.” Season 5 consisted of 15 episodes and concluded on June 2, 2020.

In Season 5, the Legends spent most of their time trying to find the Loom of Fate pieces that were scattered throughout the world. It culminated with a battle between free will and preordained destiny and in the end, the Legends prevailed.

Will there be a sixth season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on the CW?

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 was a swan song for quite a few characters. Earlier this season, Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) and Nora Darhk (Courtney Ford) decided to leave the Waverider and, more importantly, the actors left the show entirely.

The season finale bid farewell to another character, Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers). According to Richardson-Sellers in an interview with Deadline, leaving the show was the plan “well over a year in the works.”

In the final moments of the finale, the team’s leader, Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) was abducted by aliens via a tractor beam. Who are these aliens? Luckily for fans of the show, this cliffhanger will be answered next year as Legends of Tomorrow will return for a sixth season sometime in 2021.

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Did you enjoy the fifth season of the superhero series? Will you be watching your favorite episodes again on the streaming titan?

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix. Season 6 will premiere on the CW in midseason 2021.