Isolation Stories exclusive clip: The power of community

Community support is a powerful thing on Isolation Stories

While most TV show productions were shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, there were others that got creative. Isolation Stories is one of the latter, produced entirely during lockdown in the UK.

Isolation Stories premieres in the U.S. on BritBox on June 23. All four episodes will be released at once, and we have an exclusive sneak peek of the second episode. The episodes are anthology-like, in the sense that they offer a different household story. However, all stories take place in the same universe, a Britain in lockdown.

The second episode is titled “Ron & Russell,” featuring Robert Glenister and his son Tom. They play a father and son who isolate together. Naturally, that means tensions are high at times. We all can understand that, as being forced to remain in the house with the same people for weeks on end has become tiresome. Just the slightest thing can tip us over the edge.

Things are tougher for Russell and Rob. Russell is just out of prison and Rob believes his son has brought shame on the family. There are plenty of arguments to be had.

But in this episode, Ron is ill with the virus. Russell finds a beautiful way to pick up his dad’s spirits, and those who have heard about cheering for the NHS will certainly understand just how a community can come together and help offer support when needed.

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Isolation Stories was filmed following all lockdown procedures. The actors and their families filmed the episodes, guided remotely by directors. It gives you an idea of what can happen with technology today and when everyone is willing to work together, even in some of the most unusual ways.

Glenister is just one well-known actor involved. Sheridan Smith, Danny Boyd, and Angela Griffin are among others starring in various episodes.

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Isolation Stories airs all four episodes on Tuesday, June 23 on BritBox.