Why you should be watching MTV’s Siesta Key

Siesta Key. Image Courtesy MTV
Siesta Key. Image Courtesy MTV /

The MTV hit reality series Siesta Key is back and better than ever

MTV is a pioneer in the mainstream growth of reality television, with series like The Real World, The Hills, and The Challenge becoming pop-culture staples. Since then, there have been transitions into just about every job title and friend group imaginable, but the recent MTV series Siesta Key is a guilty pleasure that feels like a modern version of some of the networks earlier productions.

Siesta Key is a series about a group of young 20-somethings, with depictions of frivolous wealth, and relationship turmoil being a recurring theme. While I wasn’t initially a viewer of Siesta Key, I’ve since given it a chance and have come to appreciate the form of escapism through this Florida-based cast.

On occasions, you’ll see slow-motion Fyre Fest looking advertisements or even include a few of the men on the cast pausing in-between every other word, but it’s all a part of the ride.

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Juliette is the hero we deserve in Siesta Key

In The Hills, Lauren Conrad was our soft-spoken and relatable radius of the series, often matched against the sharp-tongued Kristin Cavallari who usually came across like the villain. In Siesta Key, Juliette isn’t an LC or Kristin but actually feels like a little bit of both.

Juliette is extremely vocal about her feelings, isn’t afraid of conflict, and has even been in an altercation or two over the course of three seasons. That being said, she surprisingly feels like the most level-headed perspective to follow in a series of people who often cycle through stabbing each other in the back.

Something about Juliette grounds the series and makes it easier to get attached to these life-events when you actually become invested in the portion of her life we witness on camera.

As the new season begins and she discovers the pregnancy of her ex-boyfriend and prior friend, Juliette is sure to go through a heavier season and life will definitely get more complicated for the cast as a result.

It’s like and MCU crossover with familiar faces

Another component of Siesta Key’s third season that makes things a little more amusing is the revolving door of former flames and friends. Just about every person who joins the cast of Siesta Key is guaranteed to have an ex appear at one point or another, but most recently, that included quite a few.

From Madison’s previous boyfriend who cheated on her with a bartender, to Brandon’s ex returning from Italy, there’s no shortage of a few randoms to stir up trouble. Sure, not all of them are ones that necessarily need to be on the show, but this leaves hope that we’ll see Cara return to piss off just about every cast member and remind us of why she belongs in the spotlight.

This season of Siesta Key  brings change

The series has always been rooted in the conflict between Juliette and Alex, but after controversial comments on social media were revealed, Alex was let go by the network. For obvious reason, this felt like a necessary choice to remove him from the cast, which will require heavy editing for the entirety of the season.

Ending this storyline feels appropriate, and although the choppy editing has made things more complicated, it will shift dynamics. Alex’s father is a producer behind Siesta Key, and as one of the wealthiest, everyone has always managed to tread lightly with any Alex feud.

In fact, his father recently told the Tampa Bay Times that, “The family is very disappointed in MTV’s decision and actions.” adding, “We are exploring all options at this time.” Regardless of the drama between Alex and MTV, this is a change that will ultimately enhance the growth that Siesta Key is beginning to embrace.

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Siesta Key airs Tuesday nights on MTV, so check it out for yourself and enjoy a little escape from reality.