Unsolved Mysteries: What happened to Rey Rivera?

The first episode of Unsolved Mysteries has viewers coming up with theories on what happened to Rey Rivera.

Unsolved Mysteries is now streaming on Netflix and the first case immediately grabs you. It begins with a wedding. Allison and Rey Rivera are exchanging vows and, for a moment, you forget the show you are watching. Soon enough, the harsh reminder appears and you know this won’t have a happy ending.

Each episode is just under one hour long, so just when you think the mystery has given us all the details, you realize you still have over 20 minutes to go, so there’s more to come.

Sure enough, “Mystery on the Rooftop” provides us with even more clues. In the end, just like all stories in the true-crime series, no one has any answers. No one knows what truly happened to Rey Rivera.

Unsolved Mysteries is such an important series, all similar shows are. Many cases presented on Unsolved Mysteries (and other true crime shows) have been solved. Rey’s family and friends are hoping this is also the case for the mysterious death of Rey Rivera.

What happened to Rey Rivera?

According to the police who worked in that case, Rivera killed himself. However, Allison, family, and friends don’t believe this at all. No one in Rey’s life believes he would do that or noticed any signs of depression or stress.

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Allison did say she believed he seemed worried about something, but didn’t think much of it at the time. It’s also very strange for Rey’s best friend to not want anything to do with the case. Let’s dive into the biggest theories.

Rey Rivera’s death biggest theories

He was murdered by someone from work. As many sources such as Pop Sugar suggest, the legal order Stansberry put up to prevent employees from talking about Rivera is strange.

The last call he received, the one that rushed him out the door, came in from work, they just couldn’t determine who called him. This theory suggests that the work Rivera was involved in ended up costing someone powerful a lot of money.

It’s also suspicious how the home alarm went off two times that same week, one just the morning before his death. It seems someone could have been trying to get him.

It’s too bad Rey didn’t confide on his wife or gave her any clues that could have helped the case.

What do you think it’s the most possible theory? I also find the note he left very creepy, but I’m not sure what that’s about or if it even ties into his death.

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