Villains we must see in Stargirl season 2

We must see these villains in Stargirl season 2

By now, you’ve heard that Stargirl is coming back for a second season. Not only that, but it’s also moving from DC Universe to CW!  While season 1 is still underway, we’re already thinking about Stargirl season 2 and what’s to come.

We have yet to find out how the first season will end, but Courtney ( Brec Bassinger) and the gang have finally put their egos aside to work as a team to take on the Injustice Society. If they’re successful who’ll be the new villains they face? Here’s a list of who we’d like to see!

Johnny Sorrow in Stargirl Season 2

If you can’t tell by the name, Johnny Sorrow will make you cry.  Actually, he’ll kill you if you look at his face, which is why his mask must never come off. A twisted enemy of Starman, it’ll be interesting to see his character play out on the silver screen.  Courtney is determined to take out the Injustice League and avenge her father, Sorrow may be too much for the crime-fighting teens.

A silent movie actor who turned to crime after he could no longer get gigs, he gained his powers after stealing a teleportation device, but when it was attacked in a fight his body was severed and sent to a different realm.

After being revived by the “King of Tears” and given a golden mask, Sorrow returned to Earth. Removing his mask, he kills his wife and child, and that’s when his hate for the JSA began!

Nebula Man in Stargirl season 2

Nebula Man may look sparkly, but you better not touch him or you’ll feel the power of 20 atomic bombs. A cosmic ball of energy, he can easily get through any crooks and nannies. Since energy can’t be destroyed, how can anyone defeat him?

Stargirl is currently in the middle of season 1 and may have already alluded to Nebula Man joining the show in the future. One of the main things we know about the ball of deadly energy is he’s responsible for the Seven Soldiers of Victory disappearing.

Fans think the Blue Valley High Janitor named Justin (Mark Ashworth) is The Shining Knight, a member of Seven Soldiers of Victory. There is MAJOR evidence to support their claims.  Near the end of “Shiv Part One,” we see the bearded janitor with several medieval décor and toy horses in his closet. After Courtney’s brutal battle with Cindy, Justin recognizes Pat (Luke Wilson) as Stripesy. We can’t wait to see more of this storyline unfold and hope this means Nebula man is coming!

Silver Ghost in Stargirl season 2

With the ability to turn anything into silver, and a member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains Raphael Van Zandt better known as Silver Ghost is a great matchup against the Justice Society. A minor character in the comics, introducing this character would be good for the writers of Stargirl because they can give a fresh new take on the villain and add more depth to the character.

If this name sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve seen him or shall we say her before. A female version of Silver Ghost, Raya Van Zandt was introduced in season 5 of The Flash portrayed by Gabrielle Walsh.

Check out the promo for episode 9:

What villains would you like to see in season 2? Let us know in the comments! Stargirl streams Monday on DC Universe and is available the next day on the CW app.