Counting On: It’s okay to ask parenting questions!

Counting On Season 11 -- Courtesy of TLC
Counting On Season 11 -- Courtesy of TLC /

The Duggar mothers support each other on Counting On

There’s no way that we have all the answers in life. That’s especially the case when it comes to parenthood. Something Counting On showed us this week is that it’s absolutely okay to ask questions.

While having a Mom’s Day In, the Duggar women and Kendra’s mom all enjoyed a day with limited parenting duties. The men took the boys, leaving just one child most likely due to age and feeding needs. At one point in the day, the women put a bunch of questions in a bowl, making it possible for those who needed support to get it.

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The questions were all anonymous, but it was clear who did write them. One was about potty training regression, and there’s only one Duggar woman going through that right now! But there was absolutely no judgment over the questions.

The Duggar women continue to support

Whether it was the question about potty training regression or advice for after having a baby, the women all shared their experiences. This was a time for each one to offer a few tips that they’d picked up, including that it’s absolutely okay to take a break and leave the housework when you’re bouncing back after having a baby!

In a way, it made me feel a little jealous. This wasn’t something I had after having my babies. I had my mom and sister to help for a few days after the birth of the first, but that was it. There wasn’t someone I felt like I could talk to when there were problems or when I had questions. I had to research online, and we all know what Google is like!

It was heartwarming to see these women all come together. Kendra and the Duggar women had their moms there, while other sisters-in-law just had the support of each other and their mother-in-law, Michelle. This is a tight bunch, and they’re all there for each other.

There’s nothing wrong with asking questions about motherhood. We don’t have all the answers, and it’s time for women to support each other instead of tear one another down because that’s not how they would do it. Counting On continues to bring the love the support.

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What questions did you have about parenthood? What did you love about Mom’s Day In on Counting On? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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