Counting On: Is Jinger starting to move away from some of her family’s values?

Jinger Duggar spent $300 on one jacket on the latest Counting On

On the most recent episode of Counting On, Jinger bought a jacket. That wouldn’t be all that surprising, except for the fact that it was $300.

Her family was shocked. Jana did mention how it was a cute jacket and it would last years, but she was still put off by the price tags in the LA store. Jim Bob, Michelle, and others were all shocked to find out she’d spent $300 on one jacket.

Is it a sign that Jinger Duggar is starting to move away from some of her family’s values? In Michelle Duggar’s defense, she had to dress 19 kids. That’s a lot of kids, a lot of money needed, and she didn’t have it all available. Hand-me-downs and shopping at thrift stores was necessary.

Jinger doesn’t have that. She only has one child at the moment, although is now pregnant with her third (her second was a miscarriage, which is going to be covered on Counting On). She and Jeremy are in a more expensive part of the country, and they do have more disposable income than Michelle and Jim Bob would have done.

Jeremy will have a part to play in Jinger’s life

Jinger has always been the more fashion-focused of the Duggar sisters. And she’s married to a man who is also fashion-conscious. That will certainly play a part in her willingness to part with $300 for one jacket.

On top of that, fans have noticed a change in Jinger over the years. She’s started wearing pants, which is something the Duggar women don’t do. They wear skirts, and they all have to be a set length below the knee. It’s part of their faith.

Being married, Jinger will now need “permission” from Jeremy over what she wears and does. However, their relationship does seem somewhat balanced in the sense that Jinger didn’t even need to ask Jeremy if she could spend $300 on the jacket. She may be relishing in some freedoms that she didn’t have growing up.

She’s not fully moving away from her family’s values. We can see some elements of it staying with her even in her new life in the west. But, there are signs that she is moving away from the strictness of life with Jim Bob and Michelle.

What did you think about Jinger Duggar spending $300 on a jacket? Did this surprise you at all? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Counting On airs Tuesdays on TLC.