The Boys Season 2: Everything we learned about The Deep (and that crazy whale scene)

Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video
Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video /

You won’t believe how The Deep makes his entrance in The Boys Season 2

The Comic-Con@Home panel for The Boys Season 2 revealed an insane chase scene between The Boys and The Deep (and a very, very unlucky whale). Though the released scene definitely caught the attention of fans watching the virtual panel worldwide, we were also interested to learn more from Chace Crawford about how The Deep will evolve this season after he was rightfully booted from The Seven.

“It’s been very interesting being quite literally on my own journey,” Crawford said. “I think being in Ohio was tough for him, you know a little bit like quarantine. He’s started out making margaritas, and then he was drinking from the bottle, and then yeah, he was in a very, very, very dark place.” The isolation led The Deep to finally be confronted with his own traumas and his own “inner turmoil,” and it was confirmed that we’ll be seeing the effects of that isolation in The Boys Season 2 as the character works desperately to rejoin The Seven.

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Crawford added, “I think with someone like The Deep, I mean he’s not very self aware… He was very ripe for getting pulled into a certain kind of spiritual journey.” He also teased that the character would be going on a “few different quests” in upcoming episodes (we assume one of them will be to try and take down Butcher, Hughie and the team), but others will involve looking to find love and connection — with lots of humor woven in between.

The Deep went from living as a celebrity on the coast in New York with his whole identity centered around The Seven, to being “stuck in Sandusky, Ohio with just a waterpark”—which he absolutely deserved and more. Crawford shared how this isolating experience will affect The Deep in The Boys Season 2 and even teased that we’ll learn more about his past. “You really are confronted with not knowing who you are. Someone joins him from his past, and, it’s a very interesting storyline he goes on,” he said on the panel.

Behind-the-scenes trivia for that crazy whale scene

If you haven’t already watched the released scene, you have a bit of homework to do. Check out the full Comic-Con@Home panel and jump to the 6:00 minute mark to watch the brand new clip. So what did the cast and showrunner share about filming this scene? It was even more stinky than you expected. Yes, that was a 40′ x 11′ practical whale built by an amazing team on set, and yes, the guts that were able to explode out on cue we’re absolutely gross.

No stunt team here! We learned from Jack Quaid that Karl Urban was actually driving the boat and that the ride was incredibly bumpy (and even made Karen Fukuhara a little queasy). The whale’s movements were also done practically. The (expensive) whale was able to move its tail and open its mouth, and would definitely give Jaws a run for its money. Urban went on to tease that they “actually end up inside the whale (without giving too much away)” and we can’t imagine what that must have been like on a long day of filming.

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The Boys Season 2 returns to Amazon Prime Video with three new episodes on Sept. 4 and then will be dropping one new episode each week until the season finale on Oct. 9. Check back with Hidden Remote for more news and teasers for everything we can expect to see with the Supes and the Boys.